Unit 2 Enactment

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Unit 2: Graphing Grounds 

Evaluation Appellation: Assignment 2 Rubric


In this enactment, you obtain be required to conservation the Heart Rate Groundsset to full the following:

  • Identify the patterns of mutables
  • Match variables to graph patterns
  • Imagine graphs
  • Give a slight written name of the mutables domiciled on their graphs


  1. Open the Heart Rate Groundsset in Exceed
  2. Identify each of the mutables contained in the groundsset by pattern, and contest each to an embezzle graph pattern. (Control model: requisite grounds can best be displayed with a pie chart or suppress graph; consecutive numerical grounds can best be displayed using a histogram)
  3. Conservation the graphing functions in Exceed to imagine an embezzle graph of the grounds control each mutable. Remember to unexceptionably dedicate your graphs. Please still n ess that requisite grounds deficiencys to be exclusive precedently you can graph it. Control model, if you feel 32 Apples, 15 Oranges, and 38 Bananas in your groundsset, you deficiency to imagine a table love the undivided underneath precedently you can breed a graph:
  4. If you are unsure how to imagine a graph in exceed, exploration YouTube control control. (A exploration conducted using “Graphing in Exceed” yielded numerous instructional videos with transcripts.)
  5. Copy and paste your graphs and tables into a Account instrument, concurrently with a slight name of the mutable represented in the graph.

Table of mutables

Graph of mutables

Additional Instructions:

Your enactment should be patternd into a Account or other account processing instrument, controlmatted in APA phraseology. The enactments must include

  • Running head
  • A appellation page with
    • Enactment name
    • Your name
    • Professor’s name
    • Course
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