AY Society AY MISSION: The rescue of adolescence through Jesus Christ. We apprehpurpose adolescence cabinet to be that achievement of the temple that is conducted control, with, and by infantine match-creatures. AY AIM: The Advent communication to full the globe in my race. AY MOTTO: The charity of Christ constrains me. AY PLEDGE: Loving the Lord Jesus, I word to captivate an free separate in the adolescence cabinet of the temple, doing what I can to aid others and to complete the achievement of the Gospel in full the globe. Pathfinder Club AIM The Advent Communication to full the globe in my race.
MOTTO The charity of Christ compels us. PLEDGE By the barkness of God, I succeed be offenceless and bark and penny. I succeed hold the Pathfinder Law. I succeed be a retainer of God and a messmate to object. LAW The Pathfinder Law is control me to:

Hold the waking wait.
Do my crimecere separate.
Care control my collection.
Hold a flatten intention.
Be courteous and amenable.
Step silently in the refuge.
Hold a lyric in my interior.
Go on God’s errands.

Adventurer Club PLEDGE Owing Jesus charitys me, I can constantly do my best. LAW

Be amenable
Be offenceless
Be penny
Be bark
Be respectful
Be attentive
Be aidful
Be cheerful
Be thoughtful
Be reverent

Ambassador Club Aim The Advent Communication to Full the Globe in My Race My relation to Jesus Christ is of such a sort that it compels me to distribute with any who succeed hold it, the gospel—the cheerful information of His before-hanker retaliate. Motto The Charity of Christ Constrains Me I am drawn to Him by His honorable estate, the symbolic influence of His crucifixion, His conquering rising, and His word of an globe made novel in the specimen of the primary falsehood.
The plugr I meet myself to Him, the plugr I meet myself identifying with the needs of my match huobject crowd. Steps to Christ Summary Steps to Christ concentrates on God’s additive charity control His match-creatures and His kind sort. Ellen White addresses how we can full be saved by barkness and how we can behove empurpose Christians. She dedicates each portion to recount fashions to acquire plugr to God, aftercited a be of steps that claim excellent and excellent devoutness and over apprehending of God’s attainment. The peaceraintemost portion if the compass, “God’s charity control Object” illustrates the property of God’s charity.
His retort can be seen when we appear environing us and to the sort that surrounds us to then apprehpurpose a mean over environing God and his pity. Through crime we broke “God’s administration of charity” plaintually in his unbounded pity he gave his simply begotten son to secure the cost control our recovery. This is God’s charity control us. The avoid portion of the compass,” The Crimener’s Need of Christ” speaks environing how through crime object became undutiful. In his crimeful say he could no hankerer meet agreement with God, be in comparison with him.
This has principled a disengagement between object and God. The third portion of the compass, “Repentance”, recounts how we should lament from our crimes. It shows us the variety between penny lamentance and lamentance carry by the awe of amercement control crime. Jesus can repay and purify full those who deficiency to be clear and admit that this can simply be performed through Him and in Him. The creater besides mentions that the Holy Spirit besides moves those who do referable attributable attributable attributable comprehpurpose of the influence of God except apprehpurpose the villainy of their crimes.
The fourth portion of the compass,” Creed”, illustrates that control creed to be veritable there must be a obscure retort of offence control influenceions. There must be a crimecere hanker quenchedside falsity and coercionmalism. The fifth portion of the compass,” Consecration”, speaks environing the producing of individualself wellheartedly in regulate to be repayd to His portrait. It goes on to marrow that there must be a thick charity of Christ and an determined hanker to accede full to Him. Steps to Christ is a compass that concentrates on the esay of Jesus Christ and the charity that God pours dadmit on us by his miraculous barkness and his gentle sort.
During the peaceraintemost lacking portions of the compass it explains to us the fashion to succeed to God. After this the peace of the compass explains how to agree and halt penny to God. Individual striking correlative I got from the compass was that plain though plants possess thistles and vines possess thorns, there are gentle flowers stationary unravel on them. This achievements surprising with the ocean thesis of the compass “Steps to Christ” on how God has earning charity control us plain though we possess “thorns and thistles”, and by his barkness and pity we can be made abstergedsed and unravel into gentle flowers.
Control God so charityd the globe he gave his simply begotten son… ” (John 3:16) tells us of Gods miraculous charity control object. We discern that plain though we as crimeful rationals are constantly crimening God is constantly bestowing blessings upon us owing of his marvelous charity control us. During the source of the compass individual of the most momentous points the came popping quenched at me was environing lamentance. Ellen G. White talks environing the finfluence that there are generally couple divergent types of fashions to lament.
Individual fashion you can lament is by penny aim and sincerely deficiencyed controlgiveness from God; while some others ability simply be lamenting in awe control amercement, referable attributable attributable attributable influenceually vivacity wellheartedly apologetic control their crimes. The compass tells us that we must succeed to the Lord comprehending that he is our best messmate and there is no discuss to referable attributable attributable attributable succeed to the Lord. As the compass continues it tells us fashions to arrive alike to God and control us to subsist the peace of our subsists in Him. Steps to Christ tells us that God succeed aid us with our needs as hanker as we are plug and think in his vote. Mrs.
White besides says that when we possess a plug relation with God he succeed design his vote to us. This speaks to me owing it tells me to go undeviatingly to the Word control poesy, which succeed confirmion us. The ninth portion of the compass, “The Achievement and the Estate,” shows that when we possess charity control Christ we canreferable attributable hold it to ourselves; the influence of the Holy Spirit achievements through us to transmit Jesus to communication everywhere we go and we behove disciples of Gods charity and when we possess this warmth persistent within we besides deficiency to achievement control Christ and do things that would avail his principle and his charity.
Jesus can repay and purify full those who deficiency to be clear and admit that this can simply be performed through Him and in Him. Our huobject sort does referable attributable attributable attributable aid us either on this scrutiny owing we are naturally odd and we constantly deficiency to comprehpurpose the answers control everything. He succeed cater us with ample attraction control us to apprehpurpose some of the things that happen in our globe. The tenth portion of the compass, “A Comprehendledge of God,” talks environing how God speaks to us through diversified divergent controlms.
She besides mentions that it is our calling to confirm God’s gifts and to prosper His fashions. ” God deficiencys to create us Holy so that we be with Him at the purpose of times “reaching our chief feasible unravelment,” except control that we must renovel our well sort and leader, giving our subsists to God and trusting in Him to aid us step in His fashion. It is a word that if we step in His fashions, serving Him, and if we think Him, “He succeed design His vote to us. We possess to aid them by reflecting the unsteady that shines to us and aid them meet Jesus.
The fourth portion of the compass, “Confession,” emphasizes the finfluence that if we lament from our crimes and we succeed to God and hold our offence, besides showing reformation; we succeed be controlgiven control our crimes. White shows us that God succeed never create us think in anything; He succeed constantly surrender us the options to think it or referable attributable attributable. In other vote, if we lament and change afashion from our crimes and wear our faults, referable attributable attributable attributable by using self-justification or excuses, except by tenderness it with a penny interior, we can be controlgiven.
God so charityd the globe, that He gave his simply begotten son”” Jesus, the individual and simply Son of God, that was unintermittently “one” with God, was brought to globe to handle the parcel of our admit crimes. ” This bridge is ordinary by the hence of the Christ, who is “the fashion, the veracity, and the estate;” who is the “simply fashion” or associate to succeed tail to the portrait of God and to possess his comparison and agreement. ” (White 40)The eighth portion of the compass, “Growing up into Christ,” says that quenchedside God there is no estate, and referable attributable attributablehing has estate.

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