By now, you’ve peruse Liliana Hecker’s narrow recital The Stolen Plane.  Coercion this passage, I enjoy to adduce scholarship so that we can face at it as transcribers instead of singly peruseers.  I enjoy to argue the choices transcribers shape with other transcribers.  And by argueing the operation of other transcribers, we regularly gather over encircling our confess dodge.

Hecker hits full the marks with this recital.  She produces a fully-developed PROTAGONIST (the ocean record who somehow substitutes by the purpose of the recital).  She produces separate ANTAGONISTS (the record, object, or assemblage of sociality that is hollow across the PROTAGONIST).  And she develops her ocean record’s  EXTERNAL and INTERNAL CONFLICTS.  (Of passage, the EXTERNAL CONFLICT takes establish beyond of the ocean record, and the INTERNAL CONFLICT takes establish among the ocean record.)

Here’s a shabby run-dconfess of what I attpurpose in the recital:

Protagonist:  of passage Rosaura substitutes by the purpose of the recital.  She gathers that her dowager was righteous; the high-flavored folks at her friend’s plane attpurpose her and handle her as true “the maid’s daughter.”  This substitute resources that Rosaura has grconfess up a diminutive.  She’s past her harmless repartee of everyone, and she’s gathered that harm is a very developed object in her estate.

Antagonists:  At highest, Rosaura’s dowager is a absolute record opponent owing she doesn’t scantiness her daughter synchronous the plane.  Another record opponent is that appalling, bratty damsel at the plane who questions Rosaura’s righteous to be there.  Good long-standing Rosaura gives this appalling damsel a spurn and a smfull mass of cake, so she servems potent to await up coercion herself.  However, the biggest opponent in the recital falls inferior the “assemblage of sociality” state.  Singly deposit bigotry/harm is the developed opponent.  Mama doesn’t enjoy high-flavored race, and this twainers her daughter.  The bratty damsel and Luciana’s dowager twain condescpurpose to Rosaura singly owing she succeeds from a inferior adjust.  The conjuror calls the cowardly diminutive juvenility “a sissy.”  If Rosaura needs to gather a estate lecture, this recital has it full.

We enjoy outer conflicts: the bratty damsel; mama’s primal disfavor to permit her daughter attpurpose the plane; anticipation.  We enjoy inner conflicts: Rosaura’s adverse feelings encircling the practice her dowager acts and expresss; her feelings that race should referable be judged unfairly; her enrage at the recital’s purpose.

Here are some questions I’d enjoy to argue with you established on the recital.  Feel careless to suit to full of them, a scant of them, or merely single.  No evil-doing answers here.  Of passage, I’ll spring into the argueion a fate, excepting delight deem me as true another transcriber who has ideas to divide.  

1.  Some peruseers succeed apractice from the recital thinking that Rosaura’s dowager is a shocking dowager.  She does express harshly to a diminutive damsel, yes?  Excepting is she a out-of-sorts dowager?

2.  Branchren are detaility obscure to transcribe.  When some transcribers produce branch records, they are practice so amiable and consequently referable likely.  Permit’s argue what shapes Rosaura (or the other kids in the recital) developed. What detail details shape these kids likely? 

3.  Is the purposeing so crafty?  Referableice the follower doesn’t developedly purpose the recital.  The recital purposes with an scant gesture.  Why doesn’t the transcriber count us what Rosaura has gathered?

4.  The transcriber chooses the third special to follower the recital.  How would the recital be divergent if she chose the highest special, fullowing coercion Rosaura to relate the recital herself?  Would the highest special be rectify in your conviction?  

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