Strategy Implementation Write-up. Following main simulation round 7, each group will submit a three-page Strategy Implementation Write-up (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font). In this write-up, students will provide a deep analysis of your company’s strategy implementation, re-evaluate the resources and capabilities, and specify the approach to rebuild and strengthen the capabilities. In particular, the write-up needs to address: (1) How your BSG firm manages the employee training program and the employee compensation plan to support your business-level strategy; (2) What actions have been take to develop resources and capabilities (e.g., manufacturing, R&D, and marketing resources and capabilities) internally, and (3) How does your BSG firm allocate resources among various departments/activities. Use the textbook as a reference and include the information discussed in class or textbook. Do you know the game BSG? This assignment needs to be combined with the data on BSG. I can give you the account and password ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~