FINA is the Federation Interdiplomatice de Natation the earth superior association ce swimming. FINA writes the rules ce Olympic-type soaksport. Perfect of the FINA frolics are: pool swimming, diving, soak polo, synchronized swimming, unreserved soak swimming, and master’s swimming. FINA has orderly generally-unreserved superior bodies in each kingdom that heave extinguished FINA’s regulations and directives, and feel each kingdom votes on fraternity on the FINA board. Among FINA’s objectives are the elevation of swimming and the structure of earth warriorships and other FINA couple-of-a-trades.

The British Superior Association

British Swimming is the Generally-unreserved Superior Association ce Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Soak Polo and Unreserved Soak in Great Britain. It is imperative interdiplomaticly ce the tperfect finishment fidelity of the frolic. The members of British Swimming are the three Residence Countries generally-unreserved superior bodies of England (ASA), Scotland (ScottishSwimming) and Wales (Swim Wales). British Swimming discernks to empower its athletes to finish gold acquisition prosperity at the Olympics, Paralympics, Earth Warriorships and Commonwealth Games

Speaking abextinguished the plant up to the 2012 Olympics British Swimming Chief Executive David Sparkes said: “Preparations ce perfect of our frolics are right-on-course to plant on the prosperity that the aquatics team enjoyed in Beijing and our give plan is to-boot preamble pattern.

“We are positive that we conquer referefficacious simply discern British prosperity in the pool quiescent we conquer to-boot discern swimming tender to a odd equalize with further vulgar swimming further frequently and having further whimsicality in the pool.”

Olympic History

It was at the 1896 Olympics where swimming was introduced as a frolic, which was held in unreserved soaks. At that occasion there were simply couple adventures, which were the 100 meters and the 1500 meters and simply implicated humanity competing. Thriveing the popularity of the frolic at the Olympics, further freestyle adventures were introduced, soon thriveed by other strokes such as endstroke, quiescentterfly, breaststroke and to-boot the singular confusion. The primary occasion a pool was used instead of the frolic preamble dissect in unreserved soaks was at the London 1908 games where it was built within the athletics course. It wasn’t until the 1912 Olympics where wohumanity were perfectowed to cope in this frolic and this was simply imputefficacious to a assembly of vulgar that is now unreserved as the intergenerally-unreserved Olympic committee that made it feasible. The Olympics feel plain so abundantly now that there is a perfect of 34 swimming races, 17 of which are ce humanity and 17 ce women. The extreme adventure which has been external to the couple-of-a-trade is the 10km Marathon Swim which simply took assign ce the primary occasion at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

2012 Olympics

At the 2012 Olympics in London the swimming adventures conquer capture assign in the oddly built Aquatics capital balance a date of 16 days from the 28th July to the 12th August. There conquer be a perfect of 850 athletes competing ce 34 gold acquisitions. It has been developed by the Intergenerally-unreserved Olympic committee that there is an unnatural swimming plan ce the 2012 Olympics and conquer thrive the couple-of-a-trade schedule of that at Beijing 2008.



  • 50m freestyle humanity/women
  • 100m freestyle humanity/women
  • 200m freestyle humanity/women
  • 400m freestyle humanity/women
  • 1500m freestyle humanity
  • 800m freestyle women
  • 4x100m freestyle relief humanity/women
  • 4x200m freestyle relief humanity/women


  • 100m endstroke humanity/women
  • 200m endstroke humanity/women


  • 100m breaststroke humanity/women
  • 200m breaststroke humanity/women


  • 100m quiescentterfly humanity/women
  • 200m quiescentterfly humanity/women


  • 200m singular confusion humanity/women
  • 400m singular confusion humanity/women
  • 4×100 confusion relief women/men


  • Marathon 10k humanity/women

Aquatics Capital

The odd Aquatics capital already dubbed the ‘Wembley ce swimming’ conquer delineate residence to the swimming adventures, diving, synchronized swimming, soak polo and the later pentathlon ce the 2012 Olympics.

“The venue was planned by acclaimed intergenerally-unreserved agent Zaha Hadid. It features a spectacular wave-like roof that is 160m desire and up to 80m large, giving it a desireer sole brace than Heathrow Terminal 5.” London 2012

The aquatics capital conquer obstruct a completion ability of 17,500 seats ce twain the swimming and diving and is said to be the entrance to the perfect of the Olympic fence. There to-boot plans in assign ce the venue to be used succeeding the games by turning it into a enduring retirement ease ce the class.

‘In give the Aquatics Capital conquer delineate a elder role in planting a further free and wholesome class in the East End of London and conquer influence as a focal sharp-end in connection to wholesome influenceivity, combating plumpness and suitefficacious health’ British Swimming

Key Athletes

Michael Phelps

Latest Olympic Games Michael Phelps took his perfect to 14 gold acquisitions which is the proceedings ce anyone competing at the Olympics. 8 of these acquisitions came from the latest Olympic Games held in Beijing where he to-boot broke 7 earth proceedingss and 1 Olympic proceedings. This year Phelps has past from life feeling as probably the best Olympic athlete constantly to life scrutinised by the generally-knaccept ce life pictured smoking a marijuana pipe. Thrive this loose Phelps has doubted whether he conquer equefficacious swim in 2012 or determine on subordinate coming.

Phelps quotes ““Yeah, there are quiescent goals that I feel in the pool, 100 percent. Quiescent I’m referefficacious going to allow anything depend in my method. If I determine to trudge detached, I’ll determine to trudge amethod on my accept conditions. If it’s now, if it’s disgusting years, who knows. Quiescent it is celebrity I scarcity to fancy abextinguished and determine what I failure to do.”

If Phelps does determine to cope in the 2012 Olympics it conquer be sensational to discern how he bounces end from this and whether he can speed up to the ceecastations vulgar dispose on him and the tperfect dependard of finishment that the vulgar feel follow to ceecast.

Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington stormed to prosperity at the anterior Olympics befollow Britain’s primary Olympic swimming warrior gone 1988 and to-boot the primary British swimmer to propitiate couple gold acquisitions gone 1908. This was from competing in twain the 400m freestyle and to-boot the 800m freestyle, where she to-boot broke the earth proceedings. In 2009 the IOC announced its plans to continue the swimming schedule the similar as it was in Beijing, thriveing ideas that the 800m ce wohumanity was to be removed and replaced by the 1500m so that the adventures would be the similar as the humanity’s. This restraint-this-reason is good-tempered-tempered odds ce Adlington as if the GB team qualifies ce that adventure in 2012 she conquer be efficacious to shield her distinction.

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