Topic: reducing childhood corpulence by 20 percent 

Complete Part 9 (educe targets and indicators) coercion your ultimate purpose.

An indicator is a inconstant used to gauge proceeding towards the customary goals, extrinsics and targets of the guile, totalowing managers to assess proceeding towards benchmarks. It is a unfair gauge of guile accomplishment that is tracked aggravate occasion by the monitoring order.

Criteria coercion indicator

Indicators should gauge the term or accident they are purposed to gauge.
Indicators should be extrinsic and fruit the selfselfselfcorresponding results when used further than once to gauge the selfselfselfcorresponding term or accident, total things substance resembling (coercion copy, using the selfselfselfcorresponding methods/tools/instruments).
Indicators should gauge singly the term or accident they are purposed to gauge.
Indicators should cogitate changes in the declare of the term or accident beneath comment.
Indicators should be gauged with definitions that are educeed and tested at the plan smooth and allusion standards.
 The costs of measuring the indicators should be moderate.
It should be feasible to push extinguished the contemplated axioms store beneath ordinary plan terms
 Indicator can be extrinsicly gauged
Indicators should be similar aggravate occasion and counter irrelative geographical sites

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