Task 1(1000words) 1. Delight perportraiture time capability and entire files anteriorly you set-out. 2. Delight solely portraiture academic commencements. 3. No plain quotation. Similarity should below 10%including relation schedule 4. Delight prosper the time structure/word name. 5. Delight bridle your time with the Rubric anteriorly you donation it 6. Delight portraiture academic vocabulary, no rhetoric errors. delight draws on pertinent system to belowpin analysis;. Lecture slides are not attributable attributable attributable merry as a commencement. I secure upload my university login details for you to secure path to it. 7. Delight afford me a exhaust of whatever you feel at meanest 3 days anteriorly the developed deadline. 8. delight suffer me recognize the media time you select anteriorly you set-out, we deficiency support it to the university online.

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