Taste Test Psych Analysis

Question description

Recruit someone you trust to help you. Have them prepare two items for you to taste (tell them to be nice), but do not let them tell you what they are. While they are preparing the items, find something to use as a blindfold and plug your nose so you cannot smell. You should not be able to see or smell the food while sampling it. As you chew, see if you can recognize the flavor. If not, unplug your nose and see if that helps you detect it. If that doesn’t work, take off the blindfold and see if you can identify it.
Once you have completed this activity, provide an analysis by sharing the following as you respond:
Were you able to determine the food without smell or sight?
At what point did you identify the food (e.g., blindfolded with nose plugged, blindfolded with nose unplugged, or neither)?
Analyze the relationship between taste and smell.
Analyze the relationship between taste and sight.