The object of this PowerPoint bestowal is to settle and assimilate deed mass facts on sordid soundness stipulations ce the hospitals in your area. You procure question the Centers ce Medisolicitude and Medicaid Services websites and settle the exception determined Hospital Assimilate. There you procure furnish facts ce hospitals amid a 50-mile radius of the nationality where you are agoing or had your prelicensure clinical tests. You procure ad a PowerPoint bestowal and divide the results of your furnishings. Opportunities ce seemly deed mass indicators procure be divided.

Series Effects

Completion of this ordinance qualifys the ward to coalesce the aftercited series effects.

CO1: Adduce commencement concepts, skills, and determination making in the victuals of high-power nursing solicitude, soundnesssolicitude team government, and the error and accountability ce solicitude offer in a diversity of settings. (PO2)

CO2: Implement resigned prophylactic and power correction initiatives amid the treatment of the interprofessional team through message and interconnection organization. (PO3)

CO3: Participate in the fruit and implementation of conceptive and conceptional strategies to qualify systems to modify. (PO7)

CO7: Adduce commencement concepts in the fruit and source of powerful plans ce the microsystems and system-wide custom corrections that procure reform the power of soundnesssolicitude offer. (POs 2 and 3)

CO8: Adduce concepts of power and prophylactic using organization, arrangement and effect measures to establish clinical questions as the outset arrangement of changing general custom. (PO8)

Due Dates

This ordinance is to be submitted by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, object of Week 6.


This ordinance is rate 200 points.

Please thrive Directions very, very solicitudefully. Points are very largely deducted.

Resurvey referableice ground on the aftercited website akin to hospital assimilate http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/HospitalQualityInits/HospitalCompare.html
Discover the referableice solicitudefully and then settle the aftercited website. http://www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare
Inquiry ce hospitals amid a 50-mile radius of the nationality where you are agoing or had your prelicensure clinical tests. Type in your zip decree. Picked your hospital and brace others. Picked hospitals/facilities and elect assimilate. If you speed in a unrelated area and there are no hospitals catalogueed amid a 50-mile radius, picked a zip decree ce a source constituent or a delay friobject who does referable speed adjacent you. The conception is to resurvey relatively facts.
Click on the aftercited topics to imbibe over.
Survey of resigned’s tests
Judicious and powerful solicitude (rendezvous your inquiry on brace of the stipulations that adduce to services supposing at the hospitals)
Readmissions, complications, and deaths
Carefully discover the referableice supposing.
Develop a PowerPoint slideshow consisting of 8-10 slides. Include the aftercited, custody in remembrance what every this facts instrument.
Title slide with referableice congruous to the series.
Catalogue reasons to recommobject the website Hospital Assimilate to consumers (patients).
Catalogue reasons to recommobject the website Hospital Assimilate to staff who may strive calling.
Ce the slides under, explicitly mark the indicate of each hospital:
Summarize resigned tests facts ce each hospital.
Summarize judicious and powerful solicitude facts ce brace stipulations.
Summarize facts ce discovermissions and complications and deaths.
Catalogue confideations ce seemly facts ce single pickeded ease.
Summarize what you imbibeed from this test.
Tutorial: Ce those referable affable with the fruit of a PowerPoint slideshow, the aftercited with to the Microsoft website may be beneficial. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/training-FX101782702.aspx The Chamberlain Ward Success Strategies (CCSSS) offers a module on Computer Literacy that contains a exception on PowerPoint. The with to SSP CCSSS may be ground in the series catalogue in the ward gateway.
Submit your PowerPoint slideshow by 11:59 p.m. MT, Sunday, object of Week 6.
Best Customs in Preparing PowerPoint Bestowals

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