Teaching Plan for Different Learners discussion

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Think about something you believe you can teach to an adult.  It can be anything at all.  Examples range from baking bread to learning about a particular religion or culture to playing golf to painting a bowl of fruit to teaching someone to converse a bit in a new language.  First write an introductory paragraph about what you have selected to teach.  Now develop 3 different plans to teach that information and/or skill.  In the first plan, you are teaching to an auditory learner.  In the second plan, you are teaching a visual learner, and in the third plan, you are teaching a kinesthetic learner.  Write at least 2 paragraphs describing your teaching plan for each type of learning (totaling 6 or more paragraphs).  Then write 2 paragraphs explaining how your own learning style influences how you might teach.  Explain any challenges developing strategies for those with your learning style and those with a different learning style. Finally, write a conclusion explaining how this assignment might help you with study strategies. Your headings should be:Introduction (what you would teach)Teaching the auditory learnerTeaching the visual learnerTeaching the kinesthetic learnerThe influence of my learning styleConclusionFOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS!!!!!! do not ask for increase. simple paper.