TEACHING TOOL FOR GROUP PHILOSOPHY INSTRUCTIONS The instructor will assign you to 1 of 6 groups. Each group will be designated to become familiar with 1 of the 6 educational philosophies listed below. Some of the groups have been assigned two philosophies or theories because theyare somewhat similar. Educational Philosophies for this assignment is: Reconstructionism/Critical Pedagogy *Regarding Neo-Scholasticism, your textbook does not use this term, but it is the same as the beliefs of Thomas Aquinas. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as “Thomism.” Your goal in this assignment is to create a teaching tool that would help others learn about the core tenets of the educational philosophy of your group. You must include 3 citations from 3scholarly sources. (Wikipedia cannot be used as a source). Include a current APA title page and reference page with your submission.If you are working on a PowerPoint presentation, you’ll need to include an accompanying Word document for your title page and reference page. The citations can be in the PowerPoint slides. Before creating your teaching tool, prepare by becoming as familiar with the group’s assigned philosophy as possible. Suggestions include: • Read everything your textbook has to say about your assigned group’s philosophy. • Visit several websites on the topic. • Check out a book from the library on the philosophy of education and look for a chapter explaining your group’s philosophy. Suggestions for teaching tools: • Create a handout that conveys the main ideas of the philosophy. • Make a traditional outline of the key concepts. • Draw a graphic organizer or semantic map showing how concepts relate to one another. • Make a glossary of key terms that are important to understand. • Chart ideas in columns, Venn diagrams, or pictorial form in a PowerPoint slide. • Develop a mnemonic device and explain it. • Develop a PowerPoint Presentation. Note: Select your teaching tool format and post your choice in the Group Discussion Communication Forum in the appropriate thread. After this assignment has been graded, it will be shared with classmates at a later time through the Discussion Board. Paper 2 Philosophy Question: 1. Following Norcross, assuming that you have pets, what is the moral difference between your pet and the animals we eat (there is a recent painting that captures this problem, below )? Why would we eat one but not the other? Explain. 2. How should we treat animals, do they deserve equal moral consideration? Do they have no rights at all as Cohen suggests? Should we eat them, wear them, use them for experiments or entertainment? Explain. 3. Kheel gives a forceful argument linking animal subjugation to other forms of oppression and violence, and culturally imposed gender norms. She says that instead of focusing on the morality of meat eating itself, instead, we should ask: “what are the factors that support the practice of meat eating and that give meat eating its compelling force? A major factor that buttresses meat eating in the Western world, I have argued, is its intimate ties to masculine self-identity. Meat eating is both an expression of a patriarchal worldview as well as one of its central supports. It is a symbol of dominance over the natural world that has been intimately tied to the domination of women” (p. 338). How inter-related are these topics do you think? Be reflective. Each question has 5 sentences please ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~