This is a team project, but you should just do my part.

 Project Purpose: To effectively launch your team’s potential to maximize communication, team processes, interaction, planning, productivity and effectiveness. The virtual social event you plan and execute together, followed by the documentation (written summary, artifacts, photos, etc.) and in class presentation (12-15 mins) of related events 

So I need a half-page written summary, and a 3 minute presentation draft (It need to be a complete draft that I can just read it to present).

Our virtual event: Lunch and Learn hour for managers. An event created for a hypothetical company to learn about virtual tools and how they can use them in the different management styles.

Our team’s topic idea: Prepare an interactive learning tool (like zoom, google room, kahoot…)

Presenting an interactive learning tool  while demonstrating with the actual platform (explaining Google Rooms while using GR for the presentation), and connect our platform with a management style from the book (I uploaded the book below, named 123) (just pick one from them)

Present the tool as if suggesting to managers to use it with their work groups, and also which management style from the book would fit well with the tool. 

I need an outline by tomorrow (which tool do you chose and how you’ll explain it ,  which management style do you choose and how can it fit with the tool, and what’s the learning outcomes from this project)

And I need the half page written summary and the 3 minute speech draft (about one and a half page) by Monday, Sep 14th.

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