Do: Part 2: Technical Mode Edit and Justification Memo (final)

  • Due Sep 13 at 11:59pm
  • Points 100
  • Questions 1
  • Interval Period 55 Minutes


Scenario: You composition in the claims portion restraint The Acme Association. Your odd supervisor Swizzle Malarkey has attempted to rectify the professionalism among the association. In point, Swizzle has asked employees to period their singular calls during matter hours as polite as the reckon of singular conversations everyone has about the station. Unfortunately, your coworkers keep referable complied and station productivity is decreasing. Out of counteraction, Swizzle drafts the beneath memo excluding asks you to critique it precedently it’s sent to whole employees. You own that the station sphere has beseem so relaxed, excluding you to-boot value that the mode and mood of the memo could be rectifyd restraint professionalism. 

Instructions: You keep couple tasks:

  1. Edit the memo restraint mode and mood. Paste your revised memo beneath the pristine so I can lucidly understand your suggested edits.
  2. Once you’ve edited the memo, transcribe a smwhole memo to Swizzle (200–250 words) that summarizes your senior editorial suggestions. Focus on justifying your 2–3 important mode rectifyments. Your motive is to convince Swizzle to sanction whole your mode suggestions, so living your recommendations by citing the suggested principles in your textbook.

You may right your textbook and referablees; ultimately, you must complete Part 2 of the exam among 50 minutes. Manage your interval wisely. Remember to download this perfect from Canvas and reserve it to the Desktop precedently attempting the exam. Reserve your composition repeatedly.

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