Term Project – Tabletop Memorabilia for the MEM Conference

Term Project – Tabletop Memorabilia for the MEM Conference
Analyze, categorize and apply the right choice of design methods for the requirements, specifications, conceptual design and embodiment design stages [A, B]
Synthesize and execute a product development process [A, B]
Prepare documents and make presentations to explain the product development processes of their projects [B, H]

Master of Engineering Management program at University has been offered since 2006 and it has seen 11 cohorts of students graduating. The University is intending to convene an International Conference to celebrate this and the plan is to invite international leaders on the subject ‘Engineering Management’ and officials from the American Society of Engineering Management. They will take part in an in-depth panel discussion on Research in Engineering Management. They will highlight the areas currently researched at the international play field.
It is planned to make a tabletop memorabilia item that can be given as a present to these experts to take to their offices and place on their tables to remind of the MEM program whenever they see it. The university is calling for prototypes of the product that can be used for this purpose. You as a group should design, make and submit a prototype. The Design brief is given in the last page.
You should do the following:
Read and understand the design brief and in particular what the product is?
Establish a project specific design model and a Stage-gate method to manage it
Establish the types of requirements that have to be provided by the customer.
Interview various customers and establish a collection of ‘Customer Verbatim’
Translate the verbatim into needs of equal technical content and obtain the importance ratings for this list of needs.
Establish a need-metric matrix
Establish a Function Tree
From these, establish a set of Specifications.
Establish the criteria for concept selection and their relative weights
Discuss and obtain approval from the Course Instructor for the Conceptual Design Method ( Chosen and approved already Attribute listing morphological)
Generate 4 or 5 conceptual designs
Construct a Decision matrix and use it as a basis for concept selection
Complete the embodiment design of the chosen concept

Conduct any engineering analyses that are needed
Complete the generation of the set of production drawings (I Will do it – no need to do it for me)
Go to manufacture (I Will do it – no need to do it for me)
Commission the product (I Will do it – no need to do it for me)
Produce the deliverables and write the report.

A report containing 9 chapters, Introduction, Stage gate management process, Requirements, Product Concept, Solution Concept, Embodiment Design, Detail Design, Mamufacturing and conclusions. All the above documents should be incorporated as part of the chapters. (Trans tutor will add more and paraphrase for me)
(20% of the Course Marks)
A prodct finished to a very high quality (I Will do it)
A 15 minutes Power Point Presentation (I Will do it)
(20% of the Final Marks)
A research paper entitled ‘Development of a Tabletop Memorabilia Using – – – – – – – – – as the Conceptual Design Method’ (I Will do it)
(10% of the Final Marks)

Table 1: Design Brief of the Stand
Drafted by Dr Sangarappillai Sivaloganathan
Product Description A high class memorabilia item boasting the strengths and features of the MEM program at UAEU.
Product Concept It should have an engraving ‘MEM at UAEU’.
The control volume for the item is about 150mm ×150 mm ×50 mm.
Benefits to be delivered Strengths of the MEM program
Clear display of the strengths
High class
Relates to the local culture

Positioning & Target Price Target cost is around 300 – 500 AED for the prototype. The product is not for sale in the market.
Target Market N/A
Assumptions, and Constraints and standards Concepts have to be generated using the Design Method assigned by the course provider (Dr Siva)
Stakeholders The Program coordinator
Possible Features and Attributes –
Possible area for Innovation Identify the core strengths of MEM to be prtrayed.

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