Textbook: Elementary statistic (9th edition) by Neil Weiss Each paragraph 200 words minimum. Please do not combine topics/paragraph. Paragraph #1 TOPIC: examined foundational math concepts that will support your understanding of statistics. Considering the concepts that were discussed this week, which were you already familiar with? Which are new? Where have you heard of these ideas before? Paragraph #1 TOPIC: basics of probability. What is probability? How might this help us understand the likelihood of various outcomes? Sometimes, despite probability, less likely events occur. Explain how this happens. Paragraph #2 TOPIC: language used in statistics. Describe the difference between a sample and a population. Identify an example of this in a real world situation Paragraph #3 TOPIC: central tendency. Discuss the various concepts of descriptive statistics we use to describe our sample and the center of the sample. Paragraph #4 TOPIC: discussion of central tendency by adding on a new idea: standard deviation. Why might it be important to discuss both the mean and standard deviation of a sample for an enhanced understanding? Can you think of a time when an understanding of standard deviation was crucial for correctly interpreting a situation? ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~