O’Connor effectively uses the erudite project of controleshadowing to produce an region of abeyance control a nativity that is convicted. There are different hints that aim to the purpose of the nativity in twain the balanceintegral essay of a universe of modify and chaos and in specific lines from the quotation. Cessation and convict are regularly discussed and sure picturesque characteristics, as cethcoming as the primitive passage administer a reader to regard that convict is threatening. Specifically the grandmother and her rares and her style of rares integral tpurpose to the controleshadowing.
Her rare of clothing and her reasons dedicated control that is individual pattern, as is the cat she chooses to adduce and the animal’s role in the terminal shining that administers to the cessation of the nativity. The Grandmother’s rare to choose the meanness pathmethod and her mischoose of order is the terminal pattern of the controleshadowing that can be tendd to the reader’s sentiment of an approximately unavoidable and denying purpose. Primitively, the Grandmother does referable craving to go on the mistake, yet agrees to go with sure pretenses. She refuses to concession her cared-restraint cat at settlement timeliness the nativity goes on their mistake.
The cat, “Pitty Sing”, is mysterious in a basket as the Grandmother frights that the cat may sink. O’Connor writes, “she was timid he authority brush athwart individual of the exhalation burners and surroundingsally asphyxiate himself. Her son, Bailey didn’t enjoy to get at a motel with a cat” (1135-1136). Her communication of twain cessation and the discommode that adduceing the cat would enjoin on the nativity pretexts twain controleshadowing and rally, as the cat does inducement an surroundings and discommodes the nativity in the conquer method.

Twain the concealed cat displayed by O’Connor as the Grandmother’s inadvertence control her nativity’s cravinges and her lost sentiment of order, as polite tpurpose to the peril that the nativity is placed in. The meanness pathmethod that the Grandmother advises the nativity to go down is explained in element in an threatening mode and the devise turns equable past threatening as she realizes that she has the evil-doing pathway. O’Connor writes in-reference-to the tindividual that a abominable purpose came to her…
her eyes dilated and her feet jumped up… the moment the valise moved, the newspaper extreme she had balance the basket rose with a remonstrate and Pitty Sing, the cat, sprang onto Bailey’s shoulder (1140). This shining does administer to a car surroundings on this desponding, preceding pathway. Therefore, twain the rare to adduce the purposeful animal and the rare to choose the nativity in a evil-doing order, sends a missive of a controleshadowed and controleshortened cethcoming control the nativity.
Finally, at the inception of the recital, when the cat is introduced into the devise, the Grandmother’s blunder and clothing are elemented. The controleshadowing of her outfit and accessories aim to the truth that she has planned herself control cessation, in predicament that it comes. Her collars and cuffs were pure organdy trimmed with convolve and at her neckline she had pinned a purple bifurcation of cloth violets containing a sachet. In predicament of an surroundings, anyindividual seeing her deceased on the highmethod would apprehend at unintermittently she was a lady (1136).
It should be referableed that the proposal or characteristic of the account surroundings or surroundingsal is used regularly in the recital to pretext controleshadowing. In the citation with the cat and the contention, there follows an automobile surroundings, where succeeding the manifestation shriek different times twain on pages 1140 and 1141, “We’ve had an ACCIDENT! ”. The controleshadowing of the custom of surroundings is singly paralleled by the actions administering to the nativity’s convict.
In misentry, O’Connor effectively uses patterns of controleshadowing in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. Three of these patterns exemplify this in the anterior paragraphs and integral retain in unitedly to aid the reader and erudite judge interpret that the recital has deeper purport and conquotation than individual may originally imagine. The common relation to surroundings or fright that colossus may bechance surroundingsally integral tpurpose to the undertones and balancetones of cessation, blunder, and convict in a universe of modify and chaos.

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