The effects of climate change. What measures are taken to preserve the planet? Climate change has become a global crisis. The destruction of ecosystems has resulted to a change in climate which has brought about adverse effects. It is projected that by the year 2100 the global temperatures will have increased significantly and the coastlines as we know them today will have disappeared. Clearing of tropical forests to create room for agriculture and burning of fossil fuels are the leading causes of climate change. The effects of climate change due to pollution of the environment are therefore largely negative. Specifically, human beings through their different efforts are responsible for the degradation of the environment. It then follows that we have the duty to put in place various strategies to preserve the environment or else the generations that will come after us will struggle to live in this planet. There are a number of measures that can be taken to preserve the planet. The first way through which the planet can be preserved is through recycling. It is important to note that industries that make various products that we use on a daily basis emit a lot of greenhouse gases. It then follows that one of the best ways of minimizing such gases is by recycling various products. Secondly, we should adopt green ways of commuting. This is because automobiles are responsible for emission of carbon dioxide which has an adverse effect on the ozone layer. Cycling is therefore supposed to be advocated for and people should also be encouraged to use public transport. Use of clean energy and recycling are therefore two major ways that can help in reversing the effect of climate change. Using energy in the most efficient way is yet another effective measure of preserving the environment. For instance, people should be encouraged to use the most efficient energy saving bulbs. Moreover, they are supposed to be educated on the need to conserve ecosystems. Most importantly, environmental activists should pressure the government to put in place legislative measures in efforts to protect the environment. If you are unsure about how you are supposed to discuss the effects of climate change then you should feel free to contact us today. We promise you that we have what it takes to deliver you exceptional work. Our services are quite cheap as we offer them at discounted prices. This is therefore an assurance that you can utilize our services no matter the social or economic background that you come from. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~