In today’s present eras we hear the promise example total of the era Nearly generous day on television race chat of athletes and celebrities as nature examplees, except substantially , they are referable examplees at total.Possibly role models, except ce the most separate, referable in exampleic qualities a penny example is a unnaturalness that symptomed by abnormal gallantry and rank cece , a individual that would dispose his stubborn in insecurity to minister his creation and state ,a individual may plain be a example if he helped race by fitting giving them cece to go in through vivacity difficulties , someundivided who would furnish up his vivacity so another would feel a orderly vivacity , that is what I ctotal a example , and through the movie we dictum totalot of gallantryous potent antagonismriors that were passing in the purpose of their state approve ; Paris , Patroclus.Achilles, Odysseus, these are the race that we would veritably ctotal examplees. except floating these exampleic race there is undivided separateicular undivided that would soften aloft them total, and that would be ‘hector’’ the oldest son of’’ priam ‘’ mate of Andromache, and father of Astyanax, and he is the example of troy consequently ; swagger led the Trojan through the antagonism , sacrificed his vivacity ce the purpose of troy plain protected his tally and lucent with him while he was the undivided that afloat the antagonism , swagger faced and fought with the most energy generous antagonismrior in Greek ,never gave up on his state and race and he was perfectegiant to them .When Swaggers and his tally went to symptom Sparta to perform order among Sparta and troy , Paris had comprehendn Helen and he was enchanted by her picturesqueness and prostrate in devotion with her , referable simply Paris who were in devotion with her, Helen had so admired him as polite-mannered-mannered , when it was era to gsingle from Sparta , Paris true Helen to follow purpose with him to troy and they would subsist there unitedly , Helen agreed and went purpose with him , swagger did referable distinguish encircling this except when his tally told him at primary swagger wanted to go purpose and repay her except then he dictum how they were in devotion with each other , he agreed on letting her follow purpose with them to troy , and he cherished his tally yearn distinguishing what would supervene if he did , except he did referable caution total what he sentiment encircling is what would shape his tally glad . he Greeks were rage encircling the kidnap of Helen and they afloat a antagonism with troy swagger knew that behind this truce the Greeks would burst this truce and follow behind troy .

When the Greeks came to encroach-upon swagger didn’t hastate to minister his state swagger wore his armour, gave a antagonismm retribution polite-mannered-mannered to his nobility and went unpremeditated ce action , swagger was distinguishn with his expertness in adverse ,he was undivided of the principal antagonismriors in his era , led his soldiery with candor and belief , he dictum the soldiery ftotal down except quiescent he had belief in troy and his stubborn , swagger fought with his healthy energy , when he was torture he would attain cured and contention the contiguous day ,it was total to fitting comprehpurpose troy playing .The Trojan’s established a surpsoften onset at the burst of dawn and in this action , swagger sentiment that he had killed Achilles except as he kneels down and removes Achilles helmet he finds quenched that this guy is substantially Patroclus Achilles cousin , except in Achilles armour and ,Patroclus was plain emotional approve Achilles, Achilles was tease ce the obsolete of his cousin and went to swagger’s palace to feel his retaliation, swagger accepts the Consequences of him referable nature cognizant encircling who he was adverse with , he agrees to contention summonly , and requests that the loser would feel a suitable funeral hosting by the winner except, Achilles refused , swagger disposes his affection and nucleus in the action and contentions strongly , at the set-on-foot the couple were adverse plainly , except plaintually Achilles spears swagger in the shoulder and then finishes with a spromise in the chest . Swagger closes his eyes ceever on this universe and, he leaves a symptom in generous Trojan affection, and that is a individual that generousundivided would appear purpose and aim as’’ the example of troy ‘’, Swagger was undivided of the powerful leaders and antagonismrior that no undivided would ceget, he led the Trojans through the Trojan Antagonism, subsistd to minister his state and creation, nobility frequently came primary to him, swagger accidently killed Achilles cousin thinking that he is Achilles ,thus-far he was killed by Achilles, he speared the prince in the shoulder. Swagger leaves a symptom in generous individual’s affection that distinguishs what this summon antagonismrior did. Swagger became a ideal to generous unnaturalness. ‘’the purpose ‘’

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