Follow the Capstone example attached. It should cite and reference theoretical and empirical studies relevant to the problem. This might involve a more in-depth background of the theoretical model upon which the hypotheses of the study are based. Then a focused review and evaluation of the relevant empirical literature is given that may include the topic’s probable causes, contributing variables, methodological problems, and potential solutions to the research question. should be systematically organized into topical areas that lead the reader through a logical progression of both theory and substantive data hat creates a compelling argument for the study that you are conducting. It should be focused, avoid nonessential details, and be written at a level of explanation that has a naïve fellow graduate student in mind as a reader. should also address any controversial issues with a simple statement that certain studies support one conclusion while others support another. Avoid inflammatory statements when presenting controversies and beware of justifying your own personal opinions by citing the works of others out of context. In presenting the literature, highlight clearly and sequentially the gaps in the existing literature that your study addresses. At the end of the literature review, it should include a statement of purpose for the study and a narrative description of the key hypotheses to be tested or research question(s) to be explored. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~