From our lectures, you have learned about how to develop a strong controlling idea with topic sentences that are supported by evidence (credible research). From your textbook readings you have learned about the basics of writing and responding to argument, and about counterarguments and rebuttals ; about inductive/deductive reasoning and logical fallacies ; and about how to write a position essay.
In particular you have learned about the Toulmin Method of argumentation: 1) claims, 2) grounds, 3) warrants, 4) backings, 5) qualifiers, and 6) counterarguments and rebuttals.

Assignment Objective
Using at least four of these elements, construct a “position” essay on a marine environmental issue by collecting, generating, and evaluating evidence to support your position on the topic in a concise manner. As you know from reading Chapter 6, your primary goal will be to persuade your readers to “accept your point of view as valid, worthwhile, and true. You are not simply explaining your opinion on a topic or issue.” Rather, you are seeking a distinct and committed response from your audience.

Position essays generally call for extensive research of previously published material. This allows students to learn about one particular topic from multiple points of view. And, of course, position essays must always establish a clear controlling idea, followed by sound logic and reasoning, and credible evidence.
Your essay must have a focused thesis that outlines your perspective on the primary scientific, cultural, financial, societal, and/or political events, trends, and/or perceptions that have shaped the history of these issues. Your essay should be thesis-driven, focused, descriptive, specific, logical, and targeted to academic readers. The paper must also include definitions of key terms and a proposal for resolution of the problem(s) associated with your topic.
Your Essay Must:

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