This has to be done in 6 hours today!!!!  If you accept you agree to do in 6 hours…..  no cover page and no reference page needed 
Do the following: 

1. Taking responsibility for the action you put forth and the consequences of that action (victim versus creator, emotional intelligence, and time management)
2. Having an awareness of your strengths, values, and potential (consider using examples from your MBTI, Strong, and True Colors assessments)
3. Identifying your goals and specific actions as well as resources necessary to achieve those goals. (roles and dreams or your recent career explorations)
4.Understand the importance of interdependence in your own success. (The late paper group assignment)
5. Identify health issues as they relate to concentration, well-being, and goal attainment. (Health Project and Wellness and Emotional Intelligence module)

Write a 3 page reflection paper describing how you explored the topics above? Have you made any changes to in your lifestyle due to what you have learned? Give examples, of the changes you made and the techniques you used.

No cover page! NO REFERENCE PAGE!! 

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