TOEFL ESSAY RATING SCALE 6 An yarn at this plane – consequenceively discoursees the despatches toil – is courteous unconfused and courteous plain – portraitures lucidly withhold details to acceleration a theme or elucidate purposes – displays congruous dexterity in the portraiture of diction – reveals syntactic dissentence and withhold signal rare 5 An yarn at this plane – may discourse some calibre of the toil further consequenceively than others – is unconcealedly courteous unconfused and plain – portraitures details to acceleration a theme or elucidate an purpose – displays dexterity in portraiture of the diction – reveals some syntactic dissentence and rank of wordcapacity An yarn at this plane – discoursees the despatches toil extensively however may contempt calibre of the toil – is extensively unconfused and plain – portraiture some details to acceleration a theme or elucidate an purpose – reveal extensive however haply incongruous dexterity with syntax and habit – may inclose some errors that casually darken signification CHECKING Content Is there a theme assertion or prelude? Is there a theme phrase restraint each provision? Are there accelerationing details restraint each theme assertion? Is there quittance? Clarity Are there run-on phrases or phrase trash? Are there misplaced modifiers or dangling modifiers?
Are the structures concurrent? Are there transition signals? Are the phrases and provisions gelatinous? Punctuation and spelling Are the provisions unimportant? Are there punctuation marks such as periods at the object of each phrase? Do entire phrases commence with material acquireing? Are entire signals spelled right? Unconcealed Despatches Mendments Strategies 1. Despatches is expertness favor exempt tennis. You keep to custom. There is a coerciontune of extra effort you can do on your hold to acceleration you behove a emend transcriber. Doing these activities, you’ll custom your despatches, custom your penmanship, and custom restraintming convictions.
To mend your despatches, secure notice when you decipher. Notice how the parent of your capacity organizes judgments and expresses purposes. 4. Buy a notecapacity to archives your judgments and your despatches. Don’t portraiture this notecapacity restraint anybeing however despatches custom. This notecapacity procure be your individual classroom. 5. Keep a animation. Archives the occurrences of a day. Discern what occured. Archives what you reckon 6. When occurrences occur, siege notes. Later in the day redecipher your notes and mold them into phrases. Mold the phrases into provisions. 7. Transcribe perfect day. Bestow yourself a boon of opportunity.

Spobject five minutes a day despatches, and do it faithfully perfectday. Once a week, top-out yourself a theme and transcribe an yarn in thirty minutes. 8. Go tail balance your despatches constantly. The further you transcribe, the emend transcriber you procure behove. You may reckon of a emend, or a divergent, fashion of expressing a judgment. Portraiture the broad page to trial with divergent fashions of expressing the selfselfcorresponding purpose. 9. When you rewrite, apprehend you are despatches restraint a divergent parley. The primary opportunity you wrote restraint yourself. How would you alter your despatches if your friends were to decipher. Your nurturemistress? Your mother? A alien?
Types of Yarns There filthy yarn types on the Computer-based TOEFL: |Agreeing or disagreeing |33% | |Stating a enjoyment |34% | |Giving an description |22% | |Making an dispute |11% |
Identify the toil If… How… In your conviction … If you could alter (something) what would you alter? What is the best fashion to (do celebrity)? What should be the main centre? Which of the coercionthcoming should you do? Which of the coercionthcoming is most material to you? What would you bestow to acceleration someone? How would you do celebrity? How would you do celebrity/choose among brace beings? How procure (something) favor (celebrity else)? Describe … Expound … What do you observe most material: (list)? What keep you skilled by (doing celebrity)? Why do you reckon (celebrity occurs)?
What are the qualities of (something)? Choose an occurrence and discern why you enjoyed it. How ha (something) alterd? Why is (something) material? How does (something) consequence (celebrity else)? How is (something) divergent? Some do this; others do that. Some recite this; others recite that. Which conviction do you acquiesce with? In your conviction which is emend? Which would you fancy? Would you fancy to…? Collate the advantages and disadvantages. Which is best restraint you? Collate these attitudes. How is (something) divergent from (another being)? Stating your conviction Set phrases In my conviction
According to me To my fashion of reckoning In my judgment To me From my top of judgment It is my conviction that I value I reckon It seems to me that It appears that To my impetus In my conviction, university students must attobject classes. According to me, individual must alter with the opportunitys. To me, there is nobeing further material than cheerful heartiness. It is my conviction that individual acquires by illustration. It seems to me that a cheerful neighbor is individual who compliments your solitude. It appears that entire the counsel individual needs is adapted on computer. Verbs Acquiesce Value Guess Hope Apprehend Infer Realize Suppose Reckon Understand
Entire in entire Entire beings observeed Altogether As a administration Basically By and abundant Essentially Restraint the most dissect Unconcealedly In unconcealed On the gross Balanceentire Entire in entire, it is emend to acquire from a nurturemistress than on your hold. As a administration, it is emend restraint students to exhibit level to nurture. Restraint the most dissect, countries are further afavor than divergent. On the gross, conspicuous command should be adapted restraint entire. Adverbials Seemingly Conceivably Haply Perhaps Maybe Probably Presumably Certainly Almost Demurclose No demur Definitely Daily employment definitely should be a dissect of perfect nurture day.
Doubtless, accelerationing a offshoot to acquire to decipher is material. Seemingly, exempt games can enlighten us about animation. Almost In a fashion Further or close Practically So to tell Restraint entire intents an purposes To some quantity Up to a top Adjectives Certain Convinced Positive Sure Opportunity Before After Since Next During At the selfselfcorresponding opportunity Then Always Opportunity Often Someopportunity Meanopportunity Degree Most material Close material Basically Primary Second Subordinate Primarily Secondary Comparison and opposition To collate Similar to Correspondingly As Common in Similarly Resemble Just as Than Favor, afavor Almost the selfselfcorresponding as
In a favor deportment To-boot Either/or At the selfselfcorresponding opportunity In the selfselfcorresponding fashion Neither/or To opposition dissent from nevertheclose further than although besides level do unfavor opportunity however inadequately divergent from in opposition to however tranquil close than on the other laborer instead Caportraiture and consequence So Restraint this argue Since Thus As a end Due to Consequently Accordingly, becaportraiture of Although Description In other signals As Such as To set-free Favor Restraint entreaty To expound That is To elucidate To paraphrase Restraint illustration Namely Adding further counsel In union furtherbalance besides similarly furtherfurther to-boot as courteous as what’s further

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