Environmental studies
Topic: Climate Action
Paper details:

Student must develop a project proposal that captures the history and nature of the social justice topic of your special concern and/or interest as well as proposal one or more recommendations, strategies or solutions to address this challenge. If you choose to focus on one deliverable, it needs to be a comprehensive with significant impact. If you focus on multiple deliverables (three or more), then you need to share how together they will have impact.

Please incorporate applicable theories, examples, and strategies presented via our live meetings, online resources, as well as the course textbook will be incorporated. This is a valuable opportunity to apply knowledge to the practice. Choose from the following virtual scenarios for your team project:

1. Propose a campaign/initiative that addresses a social justice challenge

2. Propose an event/fundraiser that addresses a social justice challenge

3. Propose a product or service that addresses a social justice challenge

*(My topic is Climate Action)
**(Attached are 2 files to better help you)
***(I will provide you with an annotated bibliography on the subject with references you can use and the swot analysis as well to better supplement you to write this. The annotated bib is under the Climate Action Annotated bib file provided and SWOT analysis is located in the file I provided under “social justice brief”)

The layout of the paper should go in this order and include.

Elements of Proposal

1. Overview
a. Historical Background
b. Current State of Affairs
c. SWOT Analysis

2. Proposed Recommendation(s)/Strategy(s)/Solution(s)
a. Goals and Objectives
b. Strategic Action Plans
c. Infographic Timeline(s)*

3. References

Before submitting make sure all of the following is done

Use minimum 12-point font, double spacing, and one of following fonts: Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica

Format using PDF, PowerPoint (preferred) or Word for ease of grading and Blackboard compatibility

Use charts/tables, graphs/graphics, and/or video as appropriate

Cite all sources on reference page accordibptng to APA style guidelines

HSC 1102
Climate Action
There have been many changes that have occurred in the 21st century. Technological
developments have induced a change in the weather patterns and have led to climate changes in several
areas of the world. The issue has been caused by the emission of greenhouse gases from industries and
vehicles. In rection to ten measures, some organizations have been involved in the development of
countermeasures to curb climate change. One such action is the green new deal. The Green New Deal is
a package proposed in the United States legislature to reduce the rates of climate change and economic
inequality. The measure was proposed by a journalist named Thomas Friedman. He was a writer in the
New York Magazine. In an article in 2007, he wrote an article in the New York Times praising the people
who had solar panels or turbines as their power source. He claimed that the measure to shift from the
dirty sources of electricity such as coal and petroleum to clean energy such as wind power was a bigger
project than anyone has mentioned.
The article aimed at recognition and was later in 2008 by the British Green New Deal Group
(Pettifor, 2019). It was further made more popular when the United Nations Environmental Program
took it up. The UNEP project was later taken up, which aimed at creating a green world and industrial
sector. It aimed to boost the industrial sector by creating alternative means of production without
depending on dirty energy that was more pollutive than green energy. Based on the bodies that
endorse it, the project has so much power since several nations’ law supports it. By having support from
Non-governmental organizations such as UNEP, it has a higher chance of success.
Though it is aimed well, there are several reasons why it may not work. One of them is the
expense of the energy that the project hauls on the current industries. There are very many industries
that require the energy reserves that are provided by non-renewable energy sources. Saying that the
mode of operation will need to be changed would imply that all the projects need to be changed to pave
the way for the improvements. The government may suffer many economic hardships during the
transition. Most of the commodities produced in such industries are vital for the people’s operation of
the state. It is, therefore, hard to shit the energy providers.
Since many nations are adapting to green energy, the idea may be accepted into many nations,
which increases the opportunities for success.
The project’s main threat is that the energy produced may be unreliable (Sica, 2019). The United
States is not in the tropical region, and there are very many variations in weather. If the government
were to decide that it will harness solar power as the core source of energy, it might work during the
sunny months of the year, but there would be significant rationing of the available power in the cold
times. For example, in summer, all the people in the nation may have excess power, but in winter, they
would suffer losses. It is an inefficient way to provide power since most homesteads require more
power in winter than in summer. It would put a strain on the people who depend on temperature
regulation. It may also expose people to health hazards due to the cold. The program must reevaluate
the means of energy production.
Pettifor, A. (2019). The Case for the Green New Deal. Verso.
Sica, C. E. (2019). For a Radical Green New Deal: Energy, the Means of Production, and the Capitalist
State. Capitalism Nature Socialism, 1-18.

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