Topic: designing emergent curriculum
Paper details:

Take the feedback provided below and revise your work submitted in Week Three to incorporate the input (the attached form).
Additionally, include a one-page letter to parents that communicates the following:
• A brief overview of the theme
• An example of student interest from the KWL chart
• Statement of outcome (make sure that you see the Bloom resource in week three).
• 1-2 home support ideas
• Make sure to include pictures/graphics so parents will be encouraged to read the communication.
This parent newsletter should have pictures/graphics and be aesthetically appealing to get parents to read the information. Make sure to include the home support ideas. Many of these ideas can be found at the end of the developmental domains in the Frameworks. Web site links count as a support idea. Remember the purpose of the newsletter is to share what is happening in the classroom and HOW they can support this learning at home.

Professor Notes:
*Make sure you include at least one or two of Blooms verbs in your theme. You can find these in Week Three Lecture Content: Course Content Resources, Revised Bloom Info.
*Make sure you include the Frameworks and Foundations in the focus section. These may look very similar to those listed in the Standards Alignment Section.
* Under Social/Emotion Integration make sure to include some information found in pages 1-45. Select a few points.
* Under ELD share a few pieces of information found in pages 103-142.
* Make sure for your Parent Newsletter you include pictures/graphics as well as two specific activities that would support the thembpte. Read all of the prompts from the assignment.

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