Topic: How the abolitionist move impacted the object of drudge trade

Booty Subject Proposition Superintend


PURPOSE: What is the object of this exploration?
BACKGROUND: Information about your subject
METHODOLOGY: How are you conducting your exploration?

SIGNIFICANCE: So what? Who cares?


• Length

• Format

• Sources deficiencyed

RESOURCES: What sources do you deficiency to promote?


(Your booty exploration proposition conquer consist of the restraintthcoming elements underneath)
[First Name Last Name]
Booty Humanities 1302
9 February 2018
[Tentative Title of Dissertation]
I. Explanation of focused subject, judicious exploration inquiry, supposition (or your sole “slant,”). This is the object of the dissertation.
II. Explanation of why this is an leading and symbolical subject (audience, or “So what? Who cares?).
III. Explanation of virtual counterarguments or reception concerns (persuasion):

IV. Bibliography note restraint at lowest couple foundational sources that conquer superintend your exploration on this subject (token and/or ceced):
V. Description of your anticipated exploration methodology (credibility):
VI. Timeline restraint meeting with exploration advisors (e.g. intimation librarian, confessor, discipline-specific advisor).

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