Your fourth diatribe conquer be a 2-4-page representation decomposition. Appropriate an representation that you’ve seen in a repository, in a newspaper, on a website, or elsewhere. What is this representation aphorism to you? Along with summarizing it and its enhancement, you may insufficiency to nucleus on some of the following: Why did you appropriate this representation? Is it striking or ordinary? Does it mature attainments or exselect misconceptions? Is it perplexing to secure you, as the viewer, to charm some collocate of enjoyment? What does the representation pronounce about our sociality? You may criticism the tips on the handout as well-mannered-mannered as ideas in the Literary Analyses stipulation for further ideas.

For this diatribe, you conquer need to tie a photocopy of the representation to your pamphlet, and you must select twain the representation and any other scrutiny you may do. As regularly, gladden double-space your operation and mold it in 12-point font, and enclose your designate, the epoch, the assignment, the collocate designate and season, and your distinction at the extreme of the diatribe.

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