Topic: My Culture is Not a Trend
Paper details:


Recognize cultural, religious, and psychological issues that must be considered in meeting Indigenous People of America client and family needs.
Identify cultural practices that may influence health care for Indigenous People of America populations.

Write a one (1) – two (2) page paper using the scenario provided below. Based upon the course concepts explored include your analysis as to why the Indigenous male client may be uncomfortable with the female Caucasian Psychiatrist’s statements.
Furthermore, include culturally competent approaches to assist with overcoming any barriers to building client-provider rapport resulting from and inherent to a “bad first impression”.

An Indigenous male client enters a female Caucasian Psychiatrist’s office for the first time. The office is quite expensively decorated; one wall hangs several dream catchers, on another wall hangs a colorful Navajo rug, and on the table facing the client’s chair is a large Hopi Kachina doll.

When the Psychiatrist observes the client silently taking in all of the objects reflective of a variety of subgroups of Indigenous People of the America, she exclaims, “As you can see, I love to decorate with Native American art!” The Indigenous male client shifts uncomfortably in his chair and castes his eyes downward.

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