Case Study 1
Case Studies pauseraint Written Declaration

John is a 47 year aged hardy who offers to his GP with unexpected onset, extreme abstinence to his upupright wide toe. He declarations that ultimate death he was woken by the abstinence, which felt love “burning, being on fire”, and when he looked at it, the toe was sanguine, pungent, turgid and so shrewd he couldn’t feel it, and had to attempt to revert to snooze with his sole accumulate extinguished from the covers consequently flush the burden of the blanket was “intolerable”. John declarations he took Paracetamol ultimate death and this waking, yet the abstinence is barely muted, and he came into the clinic wearing public toed sandals, consequently he “couldn’t earn his sole into a shoe”. John did lavish the death “extinguished with the boys”, and admits to being drenched, yet he can’t specifically mind if he kicked everything or torment his sole, yet he to-boot can’t administration that extinguished (attributable to his elevated flatten of obfuscation).
John’s spent medical narrative includes:
• Elevated cholesterol
• Elevated race pressure
• Transient Ischaemic Attack three months past, with no residual effects
• No purpose of preceding swelling of the elbows, hands nor feet • nor constant elbow abstinence
John’s offer medications includes:
• Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg with dinner
• Aspirin 325 mg with breakfast
• Lipitor 10 mg at death
John’s lineage narrative includes:
• Mum is calm?} quick, with Type 2 Diabetes
No purpose of
• Dad died at 68 yo attributable to osteosarcoma
• No siblings
• Married and divorced twice o Two manifestation from each nuptials o All adults, and passable healthy
John’s collective narrative includes:
• Non-smoker
• No illicit offal use
• Heavy drinker of alcohol, 5 – 6 drinks per day, and more on the weekends
• Socialises frequently with “the boys”
• Diet of “meat and three veg”
• Little exercise
Physical Examination:
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• White hardy, 47 yo, sharp, lenient vex (discomfort)
• Height 6’ 1” (185 cm)
• Burden 102 kg
• Race Pressure 145/85
• Heart Rate 92 bpm
• Respiration Rate 17 per minute
• Temperature 37oC
• Upright foremost metatarsophalangeal elbow = pungent, turgid, erythematous, mild to feel
Q.1) Unrepining (Case Study) Extinguishedline (climax 150 signification)
Quick tabulation of your Case Study. Link it to your preamble and your “discussion/conclusion” (ie the pause of your declaration).

Q.2 ) Critical Analysis – What is your individuality? (climax 400 signification)
Identify, declare, clear-up and exonerate your “initial” individuality of the unrepining beneath study; including other stipulations that may offer in correspondent ways. Then, declare and exonerate your “final” (differential) individuality of what mode (pathophysiology) is forcible the offering unrepining, including clinical standard results (if apt).

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