Topic: Should Mentally Ill Offenders go to jail or be mandated to treatment?
Peer Review Worksheet



Provide thorough and thoughtful responses to the following questions. Yes and No answers are insufficient, so comment, explain, and offer suggestions for all responses.

1. Has the writer chosen an interesting, original, and relevant title? If so, please explain what makes it interesting. If not, please offer an alternate title.

2. Does the writer present an effective, attention-grabbing introduction that provides necessary background information and establishes the controversy surrounding the issue? If so, what makes the introduction effective? If not, how can the writer make the introduction more effective? Be specific in your answer.

3. What do you identify as the writer’s thesis statement? Write the thesis statement down. If possible, suggest a way to improve the thesis statement.

4. Does the argument have at least 3 supporting reasons? Identify and write down the supporting reasons presented in the paper.

5. Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence (the first sentence of the paragraph) that guides the paragraph? Explain where clearer topic sentences might be needed.

6. Is each reason logically supported? Is each body paragraph fully developed with sufficient explanation? If not, explain which reasons need further elaboration, explanation, supporting evidence, etc. Explain where stronger logic might be needed.

7. How effective is the writer’s use of outside sources? Do the sources clearly support the argument the writer is making? Why or why not? Are these sources accurately cited in-text?

8. Does the conclusion offer a final thought, solution, prediction, or warning? If not, what strategy does the writer use to conclude the paper? Provide suggestions for improving the conclusion.

9. Did you find any grammar, punctuation, spelling, or word usage problems? Identify any problems you found.

10. Does the writer use proper APA format? Consider margins, spacing, in-text citations, and the References page. Write down any formatting issues you found.

11. What are the paper’s greatest strengths? Please explain.

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