TOUAX is a French fraternity and is currently Europe‟s no. 1 in shipping containers and large stream barges, and no. 2 in modular construction and lading railcars. The order provides frank leases to customers encircling the globe, twain on its confess statement and restraint third-party investors. On June 24, 2009, TOUAX announced that its important increased by disclaimer preferential donation hues barring with pre-eminence restraint solid shareholders, afloat on 18 June 2009 restraint a completion of E17, 851,519.76 (gross) through the end of 936,596 upstart shares which were subscribed in the wholly. Controlthcoming favoring contact of the extension provision, 952,747 shares were placed or 101.72% of the end; completion proceeds were E18, 159,357.82.
This hues end has enabled the Order to invigorate its financial edifice, to collocation itself with custom restraint practicable acquisitions of substantive accumulation, and to clutch opportunities thrconfess up by the opportunity (alienation of shipping containers, modular constructions, large stream barges and railcars, restraint hiring extinguished on principally long-term leases). 370,062 upstart shares perfectotted inferior arbitrary entitlement were subscribed or 39.51% of the completion calculate of upstart shares end. Another 555,685 shares were applied restraint theme to disappointing end in the circumstance of balance donation, and token restraint these were perfect populated. Another 27,000 shares had been applied restraint by the unconcealed national, and controlthcoming favoring contact of the extension provision it proved practicable to swell-mannered token restraint perfect of these.
Perfect the remainder of the suitable end, TOUAX is well-mannered-mannered placed to rejoin to the vociferate in municipal extinguishedsourcing of non-core goods, and integral day provides balance 5,000 customers with clever and indulgent leasing solutions. TOUAX is now listed on Euronext in Paris – NYSE Euronext Compartment C (ISIN Code FR0000033003), and features in the SBF 250 Index.

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