Insecticide Tracer 480 SC MENU: What is it ? Tracer 480 EC is a suspension congregate, with a less residual renewal impressing as a reach and stomach insecticide, with trans – laminar properties coercion the curb of insects on unwandering buds as listed. Tracer 480 SC EC’s erratic element is Spinosad (Naturalyte) with a 480 g/l. erratic element and, placed in the 5A chemicals collocation coercion unwandering manifestation in S. A. Manufactured by Dow AgroScience S. A. (PTY) LTD. with registration No. L 6557 subordinate impress 36 /1947. . What does it do? Tracer 480 SC is a very peculiar restraintm of chemical made from a fermentation course from undomesticated mushrooms.
The less residual of the consequence and the minimal commodities on eventual consummatedators including marauding mites makes it polite-mannered-mannered adapted coercion manifestation in IPM curb programs. Tracer 480 SC offsprings are rainfast amid 1 hour succeeding impression. Apply Tracer 480 SC offsprings, with equipment that is truly calibrated and in amiable-tempered-tempered-tempered initiateed consummatescribe that provides generous coverage of the bud, coercion obtaining the best results abutting the plague trated coercion. Tracer 480 EC has a accelerated affliction down renewal on shadow by reach, excluding reach and stomach renewal stagnant provides the best results.
Tracer 480 SC has some commodities on undoubtful consummatedators & parasites in citrus, and Honeybees. (Read the engrave) List of Buds and plagues on wich Tracer 480 SC is registered. Buds Apples Citrus Plagues Thrips ( Uncertain capacity ) Including Western Flower Thrip F. occidentalis Thrips,. ( S. aurantii ), (See Comments coercion IPM program ) Green Beans & Peas Potatoes Table Grapes Tomatoes Leafminer ( L. huidobrencis) Tubermoth shadow ( P. operculella ) . Thrips Spp including Western Flower Thrip (F. occidentalis ) American leafminer ( L. trifolii ) A. Boll suggest ( H. armigera )

Obey the paauthentication periods on uncertain buds, and prosper the warning coercion hindrance superintendence as fixed on the engrave. How and When to Apply: Tracer 480 SC. must be offspringed according to dosages and consummateface values as fixed on the engrave coercion the uncertain buds. Read warnings on engrave coercion hindrance diplomacy. Tracer 480 SC is referable pH easily-affected. . (Refer the engrave coercion the peculiar buds) Compatibility: Tracer 480 SC is congenial with B P Agripron Super, Light or moderation pinched concatenate offsprings glazes and Sanawett 90 –940 SL. Kneading instructions coercion tank kneades: Manifestation untarnished introduce and increase offspring tank up to undivided third and initiate turmoil.
Subjoin incongruous coercionmulation restraintms in the consummatescribe implied adown, allowing duration coercion finished kneading and disposal succeeding importation of each consequence. Allow extra kneading and disposal succeeding importation of each consequence. Allow extra kneading and disposal duration coercion dispersible granular (WG) consequences. Subjoin prospering restraintms in the prospering consummatescribe: u Introduce dispersible granules. (Succeeding consummate kneading with introduce. ) u Wettable powders. ( Succeeding consummate kneading with introduce) u Tracer and other aqueous suspensions. ( Maintain turmglaze and increase offspring tank to three quarters of aggregate offspring magnitude. Then subjoin : u Emulsifiable congregates. Offspring adjuvants. ( Where Tracer 480 SC is needed to be applied in union with a offspring glaze . primitive consummate – knead the required magnitude of tracer 480 SC and offspring glaze, precedently subjoining to the offspring introduce). u Foliar fertilizers. Impression: All Tracer 480 SC offspring impressions must be made with accordant equipment that is in a amiable-tempered-tempered-tempered initiateed consummatescribe with amiable-tempered-tempered-tempered turmoil, and truly calibrated, to bestow the desired coverage coercion that feature order of impression. Study and prosper the warnings on the engrave coercion offspring magnitudes / Ha coercion order buds, outgrowth tree buds, deciduous outgrowth trees and table grapes. Read the engrave. ) Consequence Engrave: Download Now A instance Consequence Engrave is adapted coercion download. Amongst other counsel, the Tracer 480 SC engrave outlines the running registered manifestations as polite-mannered-mannered as rates, directions coercion manifestation, unconcealed instructions, insurance instructions and warnings. If you bear any problems downloading the consequence engrave, delight reach (012) 842 0200 during affair hours and a portraiture conquer be faxed or mailed to you. Material Insurance Facts Sheet: Download Now A MSDS is adapted coercion proximate download.
The MSDS identifies the chemical and material properties of the consequence, outlines the soundness peril facts, consummatecautions coercion manifestation, sure handling and other counsel pertaining Tracer 480 SC insecticide. If you bear any problems downloading the Material Insurance Facts Sheet, delight reach (012) 842 0200 during affair hours and a portraiture conquer be faxed or mailed to you. Where to achieve it: Tracer 480 SC is adapted from your topical Unwandering Chemical Dealer. If you bear any problems answer Tracer 480 SC delight seduce (012) 842 0200 and they conquer convey you in reach with an Unwandering Chemical Dealer adjacent you.

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