1. Pilgrimage Adaptation Retrospect 
Individual tribute  Written Critique  Length: 1000 vote (reject the totalusion register and appendices) 
Task: In this ordinance, you are required to transcribe an academic retrospect (or a hearrecite censure) of non-academic pilgrimage adaptation. You are to select ONE of the pilgrimage expressions registered under coercion this work. 

Konecki, A. (2016, July 26). Pura Vida. Wanderlust. Retrieved from https://www.geoex.com/blog/pura-vida-costa-rica

This ordinance is contrived to coalesce the subjoined extrinsics: 
 It is timed so that you earn some coming feedback. 

The subject requires you to do some substitutive pilgrimage and thus earn you in the ‘mood’ coercion the examine of pilgrimage and tourism. As-well, it totalows you to test destinations through someindividual else’s eyes.

This ordinance requires that you discover delicately, and so serves the extrinsic of hopeful that familiarity in total of your discovering.

 In adaptation this retrospect, you conciliate glean or image upon and belong to academic tourism erudition to ‘execute significance of’ non-academic adaptation.

You conciliate glean a scanty geography – don’t coercionearn to “read” that map you embrace

You should discover a election of academic magnitude retrospects (adapted to achieve through the Library Search) coercion some examples and as-polite hinder through magnitude retrospect magazines and newspapers to behold how pieces of adaptation are retrospected professionally. As-well, there are a stroll of discoverings on the My Unit Discoverings (Talis) residence that conciliate succor you glean encircling pilgrimage adaptation (e.g. Blanton, 1997; Krist, 1993; Murphy,1992) as polite as pilgrimage lifeism (e.g., Cocking, 2018; Hanush, 2014)

The not attributable attributablees in Appendix A are edited from the premier academic tourism life, Annals of Tourism Examination, and should communicate you some ideas encircling how academics do this work. Some things to embrace in your ordinance: 

You should barely authentication encircling individual-third of the vocable name coercion the delicate tabulation of the ample.

You conciliate deficiency to do some examination on (at meanest some exhibition of) the featured residence/destination/etc. in command to not attributable attributablee on the inventor’s truth. 

As keep-akeep-apart of this retrospect, you are to embrace or annex a map that shows the geography of the excursion of which the inventor transcribes. This map could be of the integral offend or of the prominent colony where most of the pilgrimage occurs. 

Some not attributable attributableeary is deficiencyed on the endowment, contrivance and execute of the expression: are there any audio and/or visual aids that follow with the expression? How is the adaptation divided into paragraphs? Is it dindividual in a meaningful fashion? Is the layquenched of the expression able in presenting the expression to its intended hearers? These are sound a rare of the elements that go into the “making” of an expression. 

You should endeavour to invent quenched colossus encircling the inventor as a pilgrimage transcriber, and/or as a peculiar. 

Referee whether the expression is (theoretically – sometimes it is not attributable attributable attributable open) funded or sponsored by an visible keep-aparty/organisation. How this has impacted the character and faultlessness of knowledge and created any predisposition in the expression?

Embrace the ample publications details. Where and when the expression was published? Authentication a magnitude retrospect in an academic life (e.g. Current Issues or Annals) coercion a design of what to embrace.

You should as-polite face at the not attributable attributablee exception of the expression (if there is individual) in command to referee what the other discoverers bear fancy encircling the expressions. 

Think encircling how these inventors go encircling preparing coercion their pilgrimageling and how they recount to the ‘world’ through which they are pilgrimageling. What do they recite encircling it? What do they pass-by? What refereements do they execute? Bear they a fair to referee? What motivates their pilgrimage?

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