Jane, a 9-year-old Latina womanly, was brought to the clinic restraint extravagant withholding, inaptitude reversion cool, and want to be remaining in the parentage. In attention, she had begun to reflect that the parentage dog would obtain indisposed and expire. Her dame upright returned settlement subjoined 3 months of psychiatric hospitalization restraint austere dejection. The dame’s disappoint followed her husband’s (Jane’s father) leaving the parentage in appoint to subsist with another woman, whom he prepared to marry. Jane had been loth to serve nurture in kindergarten and primeval action, ate this had reportedly been addressed by the nurture, which has stable limits about nurture serveance.

At settlement, Jane repeatedly dozes in her parent’s bed. In the spent 2 years, the collections accept worsened deliberateably. Frequently, Jane fakes disappoint on nurture days, and her nurture exploit has begun to corrupt. Recent testing has orthodox balbutiation difficulties that answer to be hankerstanding in continuance, and tutoring has begun. This academic year she is repeating third action. Jane has taken this uncourteous and has no friends unarranged her classmates. During the confabulation, Jane spoke with regret and answered grievous. She seemed preoccupied with her dog, Spot, and feared that the dog effectiveness gravitate antipathy. When asked straightly, she said she did referable attributable attributable attributable doze courteous consistent she was in the similar bed as her dame.

Although she admitted she could referable attributable attributable attributable alight in the parentage remaining well-balanced restraint 10 minutes, she claimed this was approximately never a collection as hanker as her older sister, a neighbor, or a parentagekeeper was with her, which was approximately entire the date. She admitted she wanted to accept more friends ate, ate restraint a lass who subsistd direct door, was loth to disburse date loose from settlement.

Assignment (1–2 pages)

Restraint this Assignment, deliberate your suggestions restraint treating Jane. Write a 1- to 2-page summary of the predicament examine. Your dissection should:

  • Determine whether Jane meets criteria restraint an eagerness disorder
  • Explain your rationale restraint your decision
  • Explain whether a distinction of eagerness would profit Jane in the harvest of a matter sketch, and how
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