Option 1
Prepare a research paper on the topic of the media’s portrayal of the criminal justice and court systems compared to the actual workings of the courts in a non-media realm. Select several examples of tv or movie depictions of the process and compare and contrast it to what you have learned in class. You may also choose to visit actual court proceedings and utilize the observation in your comparison as well.
The paper should be at least four typed pages of text with at least three reputable sources. WIKIPEDIA is NOT a reputable source. The paper may be written in MLA or APA format.

Option 2
Select a court case that has reached either a state supreme court or the U.S. Supreme Court for a legal principle ruling. Discuss the legal issues of the case you select based on what you’ve learned throughout the course. Be sure to include your opinion as to the ruling as to whether or not you agree with the ruling or not and explain why.
You may submit your project in paper format based on the same criteria listed above in Option 1. You may also choose to present your findings in power point format. The power point should be designed as if it would be an at least 10 minute presentation in the traditional classroom setting.

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