Directions: Write a narrative that ringings your sociological intellect. Your narrative obtain
own a start, intermediate, and an end. It obtain own a model(s) and ruffian(s). It obtain own
surprises, twists, and turns. There obtain be drama. There obtain be intellectualism and there
obtain be heart/emotion. It obtain own a contrive with a conspicuous overperfect intimation that accelerations you
convey your sociological intellect (i.e. a contrive invention). The end of developed paper
option #2 is to ringing your sociological intellect (i.e. your conception of what
sociology media) in an peculiar and narrative fashion. Use the mob and contrive in your narrative
to do this. The fictional narrative is, in a appreciation, a hypothetical copy of your sociological
imagination. Use anything and everything you literary this semester during audio lectures
and during your homework assignments to acceleration you animadvert and build your
sociological intellect. Then invent a conspicuous narrative that illustrates your sociological
intellect in gripping and lively fashions. Be conspicuous. Be creative. Be weird if you
want. And most of perfect, perceive what your sociological intellect is.
sources apprehend the quantity conception refined sociology marx weber durkheim by john a hughes wes sharrock peter j martin
and any other sources relative-to the ideals and or mob mentioned above…Valid versed sources

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