Evaluation Designation: Environmental Literacy Plan – Air I

In this primeval air of the Environmental Literacy Plan Project, you obtain be collecting notification encircling your aggregation. The signal “community-based environmental protection” evidently implies that it is orderly that – aggregation-based. It must pull upon the aggregation’s test and contemplate its member’s values and interests. So if you are to unfold strategies that harangue biased environmental concerns, you deficiency to recognize what those concerns are, why they are material and who considers them material. Use this air to identify what notification obtain acceleration you conceive your aggregation and its interests.

Repursuit the restraintthcoming encircling your aggregation (A aggregation would be a township, city, town, or villera where you feed.):

  • Take five (5) pictures of the environment in your aggregation, including parks, ponds, sort reserves, expectation. Label these images with a designation and subsidence.
  • What is the popular population of the aggregation? Establish census axioms restraint the population of the aggregation aggravate the developed 5 years. Plot it on a graph to likeness how the population has alterable aggravate the developed 5 years. Based on this notification, can you ceebode what the population obtain be 5 years from now? Include the ceebodeion on the graph as courteous.
  • What is the population per clear mile?
  • Other demographic notification to establish includes: Does the aggregation invite a seasonal population (e.g. university students, wintering retirees, or summering vacationers)? Why would this be a jeopardy to the environment of the aggregation? What are the basic population statistics (e.g. greatness, density, spatial division, era division, ethnicity, usual nativity greatness, and composition) in the aggregation?
  • How does the demographics of a aggregation influence the environment? Provide three (3) examples.
  • How would you depict the economic vigor and organization of the aggregation (e.g. what is the averera per capita proceeds)?
  • Using Google Earth, establish your aggregation. Take a screenshot of your aggregation from an aerial opinion. Mark the habitats on the map. Make silence of habitat suspension, fragmentation, and damnation.
  • Does your aggregation bear an environment benevolence or class? Make firm to silence their notification and what they do restraint the aggregation.
  • Are there aggregation events in your area (or extreme area)? Trash pickups in aggregation areas, leaf pickup, mandatory recycling, expectation.
  • Do a topical resources pursuit to perceive what types of environmental issues bear been prepared. Include a resume of three (3) profession that you experience and depict the sort of those issues.
  • What is the application of the choices of the aggregation on the habitats and environment environing you?

Format this notification using the template supposing or fashion your possess template. You may besides diversify the template layout as crave as it meets integral of the enactment requirements. 

Validate your statements and opinions with supported deposition (citations and references) in APA restraintm.


  •  Environmental Literacy Plan – Air I restraint your aggregation (PDF or Word instrument)

Estimated term to complete: 5 hours

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