You are to selecteded and consultation a professional in your named or connected walk opportunity (alms in your program of con-over may be a good-natured-natured assign to set-on-foot). You are to adequate the consultation in peculiar or by phone. At the commencement of the consultation, you achieve elucidate the P.R.I.C.E. parts to the consultationee and then request these questions:

  • Accept you seen the contact of applying these parts in your walk?
  • Which part(s) is/are the most relevant in your walk opportunity?
  • In what situations are these parts the most challenging to economize?
  • Would you append or deduct from this roll of parts if you could?
  • Do you affect these parts are appropriate to walks in this opportunity in the advenient?

Period you accept been fond the questions coercion the consultationee to exculpation, you calm?} scarcity to choose some space to be compliant in gradation of the consultation.  Be infallible to either choose notes during the consultation or request license and tape responses so you can retain what was said period completing the Unit 1 worksheet.

Be infallible to download, adequate, upload, and succumb the Unit 1 worksheet.

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