Fashionable Sociology (Soc 3150)
Prof. Julia Nevárez
Last Exam
Please transcribe each inquiry and its response. There should be a whole of ten pages narrowness. Each response has an 5 sharp-end estimate, checklists 6 sharp-ends, and relation(s) 4 sharp-ends coercion a 45 sharp-end whole. The responses should be written in your confess words. The representation of cites is not attributable attributable attributable encouraged, excluding if representationd, recall to understand the liberal relation (author’s decisive designate, year of proclamation and page sum) if you career to representation a cite from the extract or other sources. Ask someindividual to learn and edit the exam antecedently influenceing it in, to emend your despatches skills. You conciliate insufficiency to influence in the Sociology Transcriber’s Checklist and Plagiarism Checklist with the Last. No last conciliate be graded outside these couple checklists. The last trial conciliate be evaluated fixed on clarity of countenance, redress rhetoric and spelling, and your confess accurate perspective on the esthetic. Last Trial Coercionmat: Please transcribe you designate on each, the last trial and the checklists. Transcribe each inquirys followed by your response. Pages should be sumed, 12 sharp-end font, embrace interspace.
1- From the extractbook: Fashionable Theory and the Fashionable Experience: Encountering the City by Simon Parker, Condition 2: The Foundations of Fashionable Theory: Weber, Simmel, Benjamin and Lefebvre response the aftercited inquirys (5 pages, 25 sharp-ends):

a) How Weber limits the city fixed on barter and dealing and what is his most great dispute respecting municipal community and the city? (1 page, 5 sharp-ends)
b) Simmel’s not attributable attributableion of time-interillimitableness compression is an great decomposition to the produce fashionableites subsist. Limit and narrate time-interillimitableness compression. (1 page, 5 sharp-ends)
c) The sum of stimuli fashionableites are unguarded to, breed what Simmel named “the blasse composition.” Narrate and sift-canvass “the blasse” composition. (1 page, 5 sharp-ends)
d) According to the aftercited cite from Benjamin:
“The city is the occurrence of that time-honored vision of man, the inexplicable. It is this substantiality to which the flaneur, outside skillful it devotes himself.” (p.18) Narrate the not attributable attributableion of the flaneur. (1 page, 5 sharp-ends)
e) According to Lefebvre the city as a colonization “where representation estimate and exchange estimate encounter and are combined in a coercionmal regularity or as kinsfolk of genesis.” Explain how the city, interinterillimitableness and capitalism is unexpressed by Lefebvre. (1 page, 5 sharp-ends)

2- There bear been manifold imaginings encircling the right or poetical operation of fashionable coercionm. Usually alluded to as ‘utopias’ limit the Garden City Movement and upstart Fashionableism (Condition 4). Provide a accurate decomposition of these fashionable movements by describing the advantages and disadvantages of each. (2 pages, 5 sharp-ends)

3- Choose individual of the aftercited concepts, limit and accurately analyze: (1 page, 5 sharp-ends):

a) commodification of fashionable interinterillimitableness (condition 6)
b) gender and the city (condition 8)
c) sustainability and the fashionable coming (condition 9), or
d) choose individual fashionable question or concept.

4- Relation (1 page, 4 sharp-ends)
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