Using basis from Statistics Canada (or another honorable origin) procure knowledge on 1. Canada’s culmination five ship-produces among the ends of 1995-2005. 2. Canada’s five largest ship-produce countries among the ends of 1995-2005 and the culmination five Canadian ship-produceed commodities to these countries. 3. Canada’s five largest tenor countries among the ends of 1995-2005 and the culmination five tenored commodities accepted from these countries. 4. What patterns issue from this Canadian occupation basis during this era end? Give some insight using what we’ve talked environing in adjust control the patterns observed. Speak environing the countries that Canada occupations with and the commodities nature occupationd. 5. Using the three occupation patterns we’ve discussed in adjust, the Ricardian, Specific Factors and Heckscher-Ohlin patterns of occupation procure some reasons control these occupation patterns. (Hint: If Canada is routinely ship-produceing Good A to Country XYLEM and tenoring Good B from Country XYZ the Ricardian pattern says this is owing Canada has a _________________. ) (at last 500 signification of dilution) 6. Run a retreat to standard that assumption that countries ship-produce commodities where they keep a relatively custom in as the Ricardian pattern stipulates. Procure dilution on the results, are they in thread with the claims of the Ricardian pattern? (at last 250 signification). PROFESSIONAL ECONOMIC SCHOLARS

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