Using data from Statistics Canada (or another reputable source) provide information on 1. Canada’s top five exports between the periods of 1995-2005. 2. Canada’s five largest export countries between the periods of 1995-2005 and the top five Canadian exported goods to these countries. 3. Canada’s five largest import countries between the periods of 1995-2005 and the top five imported goods received from these countries. 4. What patterns emerge from this Canadian trade data during this time period? Give some intuition using what we’ve talked about in class for the patterns observed. Speak about the countries that Canada trades with and the goods being traded. 5. Using the three trade models we’ve discussed in class, the Ricardian, Specific Factors and Heckscher-Ohlin models of trade provide some reasons for these trade patterns. (Hint: If Canada is routinely exporting Good A to Country XYLEM and importing Good B from Country XYZ the Ricardian model says this is because Canada has a _________________. ) (at least 500 words of exposition) 6. Run a regression to test that assertion that countries export goods where they have a comparative advantage in as the Ricardian model stipulates. Provide exposition on the results, are they in line with the claims of the Ricardian model? (at least 250 words). PROFESSIONAL ECONOMIC SCHOLARS ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~