Using Google’s secondary data for advertising insight
For this discussion, I would like you to:

Browse some of these tools made available by Google:
“Think with Google”:
(Links to an external site.)

“Google Trends”:
(Links to an external site.)
Then, discuss how one of these tools could be used to inform an advertising strategy.
Note, that I am intentionally leaving the instructions open-ended because I want you to explore the tools and come up with your own unique application of one of these tools to provide input for a marketing decision. Below, I provide an example of how this can be done.
For example, using Google Trends you can see the popularity of various search terms over time. Using this data could help you predict what type of content is likely to be most engaging during specific periods. If I am a sporting goods retailer, Google Trends could help me see the relative popularity of product types over the course of the year. This, in turn, could help me in deciding what type of imagery to display in my advertisements during that period. Using Google Trends, I see that skateboarding is popular during the month of May (see image below). Accordingly, I would want to post imagery (e.g., in social media posts) that show skateboarding during the month of May. Conversely, I see that snowboarding is more popular in December, and, thus, I would want to show imagery of snowboarding during December.
The above is just one example, play around with the Google tools to find your own insight, and discuss how it could help to inform a specific advertising decision or strategy.
Approximate post length: This is largely up to you, as I will not grade on quantity. As a rule-of-thumb, however, complete answers typically require at least a paragraph (e.g., 5 sentences or more).

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