Week 12 Assignment – 100 points Objective: Using Logistic Regression to wield a binary fruit. Ardent the prostate cancer groundsset, in which biopsy results are ardent ce 97 society: • You are to prophesy protuberance divulge in this groundsset of 97 society who had undergone a biopsy. • The measures to be used ce prophesyion are: epoch, lbph, lcp, gleason, and lpsa. This implies that binary contingent wavering of lcavol earn be the fruit wavering. We set-out by assaulting the withhold libraries in R: ROCR, ggplot2, and aod packages as follows: > institute.packages(“ROCR”) > institute.packages(“ggplot2”) > institute.packages(“aod”) > library(ROCR) > library(ggplot2) > library(aod) Next, we assault the csv improve and cohibit the statistical properties of the csv Improve as follow: > setwd(“C:/RData”) # your started directory > protuberance <- peruse.csv(“prostate.csv”) # assaulting the improve > str(tumor) # cohibit the properties of the improve . . . abide from here! Reference R Documentation (2016). Prostate cancer grounds. Retrieved from http://rafalab.github.io/pages/649/prostate.html 

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