respond to the following questions in a well-developed paragraph of 150 – 200 words.

  • What is the significance of your essay?
  • What specific events will you “slow down” using narrative techniques in your essay?
  • What allusions to historical situations or popular culture might be relevant to the ideas you are narrating?
  • What specific dialogue can you include to help show how you or other people found meaning in the events you are narrating?

Note: you do not have to answer each of these questions in a separate paragraph, but your response overall should show that you are considering all of the questions above.

 As the authors of your textbook explain, an interesting narrative or story isn’t interesting alone: it needs to connect to the lived experiences and values of other people in order to have significance.  To enhance the significance and context of your writing for this unit’s assignment, you can use rhetorical tools such as narration, dialogue, and allusion. 

 Read the following pdf on rhetorical tools: narration, dialogue, and allusion (50-54) 

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