VCE Computing
Unit 2 Outcome 2 SAC – Data Visualization

Apply the problem-solving methodology and use appropriate software tools to extract relevant data and create a data visualization that meets a specified user’s needs.

Data analysis and visualization

This task will be marked out of 40.

It will contribute 100% of the marks allocated for this outcome.

You will be advised by your teacher of the time for completing the task and what resources you can access for part of the task.

Answer in the space provided or attached additional documentation if required. Your teacher will advise you of any variation to the above conditions.
This task covers a broad range of key knowledge and key skills related to this outcome.

Sources of data can include:

• Australian Bureau of Statistics
• Bureau of Meteorology
• Victorian Government data directory
• United Nations
• World Bank

Internet and Education

Sue Donim has been hearing a lot of discussion in the press lately about the NBN rollout and its success and/or shortcomings. Whilst there has been a lot of blame going back and forwards between parties, there has been very little discussed about the benefits of faster internet speeds and the effects it has upon education.

Sue is hoping to collect a lot of data about the speed of internet access from various countries across the globe and the educational outcomes of that country. Once collected, she would like to identify patterns, relationships or trends between the two data sets. The main educational outcomes she would like to focus on are reading, maths and science.

She would like a visualization created that shows whether the average internet speed is related to the educational outcomes in countries across the world. The visualisation should show the location of the top 20 countries with the fastest internet speeds as well as the location of the countries with the highest rankings for reading, maths and science, both individually and as an average overall educational ranking, with countries that fit into both groups highlighted.
Sue would like the project finished within seven days, and as there is no budget to complete the task, it must be completed using existing digital system resources.

She would like the visualizations to include appropriate formats and conventions and to clearly identify if internet speeds are related to educational outcomes.

Question 1 (2 marks)
List two functional requirements identified by Sue.

Question 2 (2 marks)
List two non-functional requirements identified by Sue.

Question 3 (2 marks)
List two constraints identified by Sue.

Question 4 (2 marks)
Identify the specific data required to meet Sue’s needs. For each data set identify a source from where the data will be collected.

Specific data required Source of data

Question 5 (2 marks)
Using appropriate software tools extract the data from the data source. Submit the raw data files for assessment.

Question 6 (2 marks)
Describe techniques used to check if the data acquired contained the following qualities related to the integrity of data.



Question 7 (2 marks)
Prepare the raw data acquired for use with the software tool or tools that will be used to manipulate it to identify any patterns or relationships within the data. Submit the formatted data files for assessment.

Question 8 (2 marks)
Describe one procedure that was required to prepare the data for manipulation. Explain why the procedure was necessary to prepare the data for manipulation.

Question 9 (2 marks)
Using an appropriate software tool, manipulate the data to identify any patterns, trends or relationships. Submit the manipulated data files for assessment.

Question 10 (2 marks)
Identify one software function that was used to manipulate the data. Explain the trend pattern or relationship identified by the using the software function.

Question 11 (4 marks)
Using appropriate design tools, create a design to show how each of the visualizations will appear when completed. Annotate the designs to show appropriate formats and conventions that will be used.

Question 12 (8 marks)
Use an appropriate software tool or tools to create the data visualizations required. Submit the data visualization files for assessment.

Question 13 (2 marks)
Name one type of data visualisation created. Explain the purpose of selecting this type of visualisation to represent the data.

Question 14 (2 marks)
Identify and discuss the importance of two conventions followed in the data visualisation.

Question 15 (4 marks)
Sue has created the following criteria which will be used to evaluate if the data visualisations meet her needs.

• The information provided in each visualisation is clearly understood.
• Visualisations allow the user to identify whether a pattern between internet speeds and educational outcomes exists.

Describe techniques that can be used to collect data to evaluate each criterion. Explain the degree of which each criterion was achieved in the completed data visualisations.

• The information provided in each visualisation is clearly understood.



• Visualisations allow the user to identify whether a pattern between the internet speeds and educational outcomes exists.



Total: 40 marks

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