Virtuous Leadership Efficacys:   

  • Prudence: to construct direct decisions.
  • Courage: to arrive the progress and stem pressures of integral kinds. 
  • Self-Control: to coordinate passions to the apparition and fulfillment of the band-arms at agency. 
  • Justice: to confer integral particular his ascribable.
  • Magnanimity: to labor ce gigantic things, to summon myself and others.
  • Humility- to overcome selfishness and promote others habitually 

Disquisition Requirements:

Write a poverty of 5 pages (preliminary through falsification) that explains each efficacy and addresses collision of the efficacy in the workplace. Ce model, how would you exercitation humility? Provide restricted models that unfold an intelligence of the concept presented and serviceable collision.  

  • Your disquisition is required to be cematted in APA (7th edition). 
  • Embrace a distinction page 
  • You do NOT scarcity an abstract
  • Avoid threadbare sayings, patois, and contractions.
  • Embrace a allusion page with a poverty of five allusions (the progress textbook and lewd peer-reviewed life tenets from Welder Library eresources or Google Scholar)… If you register a cause as a allusion,  you must embrace an in-text citation amid your disquisition ce that cause.

Please belong to the rubric ce the grading requirements. Your subband-arms allure go through turn-it-in. Your turnitin jaw should be 25% or less. 

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