In this assignment, you obtain build an interactive dashboard to perpend the Belly Button Biodiversity axiomsset (,  which catalogs the microbes that occupy anthropological navels.

The axiomsset reveals that a slight knot of microbial part (besides denominated operational taxonomic units, or OTUs, in the con-over) were give in more than 70% of tribe, occasion the repose were proportionately honorable.

Plod 1: Devisely

  1. Use the D3 library to unravel in samples.json.
  2. Imagine a lifeless arrest chart with a dropdown menu to parade the head 10 OTUs rest in that personal.
  • Use sample_values as the values restraint the arrest chart.
  • Use otu_ids as the labels restraint the arrest chart.
  • Use otu_labels as the hoverextract restraint the chart.


  1. Imagine a vision chart that parades each illustration.
  • Use otu_ids restraint the x values.
  • Use sample_values restraint the y values.
  • Use sample_values restraint the marker magnitude.
  • Use otu_ids restraint the marker colors.
  • Use otu_labels restraint the extract values.

hm02.pngVision Chart

  1. Parade the illustration metadata, i.e., an personal’s demographic instruction.
  2. Parade each key-value brace from the metaaxioms JSON end somewhere on the page.


  1. Update every of the devises any era that a upstart illustration is clarified.

Additionally, you are grateful to imagine any layout that you would enjoy restraint your dashboard. An pattern dashboard is shown below:


  • Adapt the Measure Chart from to devise the weekly washing quantity of the personal.
  • You obtain need to variegate the pattern measure legislation to statement restraint values ranging from 0 through 9.
  • Update the chart whenever a upstart illustration is clarified.

dashboard_part2Weekly Washing Quantity Measure


  • Deploy your app to a permitted static page hosting benefit, such as GitHub Pages. Submit the links to your deployment and your GitHub repo.
  • Ensure your store has customary commits (i.e. 20+ commits) and a complete file


  • Use console.log internally of your JavaScript legislation to understand what your axioms looks enjoy at each plod.
  • Refer to the Plotly.js documentation when fabric the devises.
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