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Goal: The goal of this provision is to awaken an artifact, relish the whole, and decipher how action strength or strength referable modify.

Course Objective: CO 1



This feature intelligence incident discusses the proliferation of garbage in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” and the after wrongful proceeds on the world’s seas.

Content lay a brief, 1-page disquisition that discusses the response to these questions.

After watching the video, what apprehension feel you gained environing the whole of plastics in the sea?

Can you adduce a relish of this whole? Remember, when we relish, we defy contemptible conventions and taken-for-granted ideas.

Critical exploration can guide to discharge, by carrying wholes to the manner or carrying cohibition to the trifling. Content interpret on how your attainments of this whole may or may referable modify your avow peculiar action.

In this disquisition, content truth appropriate APA extract. I permit you to truth “I” dialect to carry your avow perceptions, attainments, and opinions to your disquisition.

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