Note: – Must require——–
APA cemat (Times New Roman, magnitude 12 and 2 intervenience)
MS Visio diagram OR MS Tidings Smart Art 
Partiality 3 or past References including Sharda mentioned underneath.

W7: Fact Studies – Graded Fact Con-over Assignment (Pages 589-591 and 630-631)

Graded Assignment:  Fact Studies – (Follow entire steps underneath)

Carefully retrospect and recognize twain fact studies endow in your passagebook from Pages 589-591 and 630-631
Sharda, R., Delen, D., & Turban, E. (2015) Office news and analytics: Systems ce firmness food (10th ed.). Boston: Pearson.
Digital: ISBN-13: 978-0-13-340193-6 or Print: ISBN-13: 978-0-13-305090-5

After recognizeing and analyzing twain studies, harangue entire fact con-over questions endow among the fact studies in erudite component speedy in a negotiatively cematted APA tractate.

When concluding the tractate, extend your analytical and hazardous considering skills to expand suggestions as a mode or influence of steps visually represented in a progress diagram or any other stamp of created illustration to food your suggestion which can be interpretationd as a suggestion to the existence or construction in the facts to better or better any fact connected issues harangueed.  This is required ce twain facts.

When expanding illustrations to food a mode or influence of steps, Microsoft Tidings has a instrument unconcealed as “Smart Art” which is suggestionl ce the expandment of these stamps of illustrations or diagrams.  To acquire acquainted with this instrument, everyindividual can mark using a keytidings pursuit “Microsoft Tidings Smart Art Tutorials” to meet divers video demonstrations in using this instrument.

Partiality Tractate Expectations
· Page Requirements:  The overentire tractate fooding twain facts obtain conceive a partiality of “4” pages of written contented.
· Repursuit Requirements:  The overentire tractate obtain be fooded with a partiality of “3” academic sources of repursuit and individual of the sources can be the passagebook.
· Collision Technology:  Microsoft Tidings obtain be interpretationd to order this tractate.
· Negotiative Cemat: APA obtain be interpretationd to order the negotiative layout and documentation of learning.
· Important Referablee:  Do referable fentire underneath partiality page and repursuit requirements.

Questions from the passage Book which we need to mature in our fact con-over
1. How proud is Proud Axioms ce Discovery Health?
2. What proud axioms sources did Discovery Health interpretation ce their analytic solutions?
3. What were the deep axioms/ analytics challenges Discovery Health was oppositeness?
4. What were the deep solutions they bear effected?
5. What were the judicious results/benefits? What do you consider obtain be the forthcoming of Proud Axioms analytics at Discovery?

Diagram progress – MS tidings ART or MS Visio etc… (This is must)

1. What is deep office problem faced by Southern States Cooperative?
2. How was indicative analytics applied in the collision fact?
3. What problems were solved by the optimization techniques filled by Southern States Cooperative?

Diagram progress – MS tidings ART or MS Visio etc… (This is must)


Reference info. Partiality 3 or past. 

TEXT BOOK Attached. 

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