Critically assess the role of belief in the ongoing encounter in Israel-Palestine. In ordain to do so, delight gatherress the subjoined questions:
What are the primitive factors that own contributed to impetuosity in this portion and what role has belief played in cherishing ongoing gregarious encounter?
What is the variety among belief and godly fundamentalism? Provide examples to aid demonstrate the variety.
Is godly variety, in itself, a plain account of gregarious impetuosity, or is belief used principally to excuse campaigns of gregarious impetuosity that are motivated by other interests (e.g. economic instrument, open freedom, absence of wonder.)? Why strength this difference be significant when attempting to discern coeval encounter?

The subjoined references must be used:

· Fundamentalism. Encyclopædia Britannica Online.

· The History of the Encounter in the Middle East. The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather direct.

· Reuveny, R. (2008). The Last Colonialist: Israel in the Occupied Territories gone 1967. Independent Review, 12(3): 325-374.

– You can so gather your references in gatherition to the ones overhead.

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