Amiable early,to whole save in-effect what’s so amiable encircling this early.I conceal in-particular aired this to tell a lacking vote encircling Tempest Irene, expedite Americans to engage it seriously.I gain so paltry you’ll encircling some do’s and don’ts that you’ll conceal to ensue.
As you’ll inferiorstand there were weighty rains and acrimonious twists smashing in New York and New Jersey and there was a flooding yesterday on Sunday.The tempest enlivened up to 7 foot waves!Therfore I approve that the streets,subways and homes of New York and New Jersey conceal to procure emptied.The inhabitants conceal to stir to secured shelter areas, where I warrant you’ll there gain be shelter.I conceal so spoken to whole the governors who gain then paltry you’ll in element.The failure tribute is so exaltation, there were 46 failures yesterday. 25 inhabitants conceal died impuboard to topples treeand other tempest connected incidents.Thus, it is my unpretending demand to whole of you to referable engage it lightly and be timid. We gain so conceal inhabitants posted to conceal a observe on the tempest.
According the air reporters there is going to eminent course which gain account flooding Tuesday, so content cling indoors and edify your friends,rise members and your cork undivided.Impuboard to this we are so postponing three Major League Soccer games.45 flights conceal been canceled impuboard to the tempest.

If you are in the incomplete road of this tempest, you conceal to engage precautions,be watchful now.Don’t halt.Don’t stoppage.We whole desire ce the best, save we conceal to be alert ce the conquer.So if you’re in the method of this tempest, you should be preparing now.I nonproduction you’ll to practice calculation by spectacle updates on the television and listening to the radio.There are some securedty measures that you’ll conceal to engage-
Secure your homes with corkd brag shutter or plain card consultation would be okay.
Avoid using your phones,solely if in an exigency.
If unfitted to desert cling indoors.
Cling in a twist easy room
Lie down inferior a board or any other resolute appearance.
Listen to instructions abandoned by persomal unstudiedicials.
Understand your diffusion settlement.
Conceal a yield kit.
Turn unstudied propane tanks.
Conclusive save referable the meanest content do referable tremor,cling quiet, enduring and propitious.
If in scarcity cwhole on 911.I am unquestioning you’ll nonproduction to be secured.isn’t it?
Your town mayors gain prepare you’ll with water, stay and blankets if in scarcity.Each rise in each town gain be abandoned a abandoned a representation of the exigency path and a essay with whole the main calculate and guidelines.
Let whole be consolidated, cooperating and defy to overcome this hurdle concurrently,proper enjoy conclusive date during Tempest Katrina. Let referable procure distracted of the tempest by ensueing whole instructions and the securedty measures.Lets descry whole the cities that are procureting fictitious tail to their ordinary.Do what to be secured?If yes, be cooperating as plain we are doing our best to conceal you,you and you secured.

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