Waste Management Brochure

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Resources: “The Story of Stuff” video in the Week Four Electronic  (transcript attached) SUS300 The Effects of Human Living.docReserve Readings; Brochure Builder (I can build the brochure I just need the information to put in it)Research waste in your area. How does your city, town, or statemanage waste? – I live in Los Angeles, California, USACreate a brochure to hand out at local events and government meetings. I will create the brochureAnswer the following questions in your brochure:• How is waste managed in your area?• What are the current methods and initiatives for recycling, reducing,and reusing in your area?• How does waste management in your town compare to themanagement in other locales?• What effect does waste management in your area have on globalsustainability?• What are at least three methods of alternative waste managementthat would work in your area?